Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Student laptops hidden by corrupt teacher

Corrupt teacher at Carenne Special School and member of the group of staff referred to as the KLAN recently came under fire for not giving out laptops under the federal government's program.

Carenne Gate can reveal that six laptops were received for distribution to students, but the Carenne Saviours claim Mr Auld has them packed in a storeroom because he claims they are too difficult to use and look after. Each year 9 student should have received a laptop.

Despite this, Neil Moon has lied to parents and told them that no laptops were received as it is a special scbool.

Concerns have also been voiced about teacher's laptops. Under the program., tachers with students in years 9 to 12 to prepare learning materials. In defiance of this, Margaret Rowe and Janelle Kemp, both infants staff received two of the laptops last year the other two going to Michael Auld and Kym Tattersall.

It shows that Mr Auld is incompetent and can't follow guidelines and that Mr Moon is a liar that's word is worthless.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hadley attacks Carenne supporting MP Martin

Popular talkback radio host on 2UE in Sydney, Ray Hadley has launched a second day of attacks on Gerard Martin, Member for Bathurst following his speech in parliament on Friday where he attacked the radio shock jock.

Protected by parliamentary privilege, Mr Martin said that Hadley had taken a "shine" to him following Mr Hadley being contacted by a distraught widow who had asked Mr Martin for assistance following the death of her husband due to an ambulance getting lost en-route to her property in Cullen Bullen, near Lithgow. Mr Hadley contacted Mr Martin on the widow's behalf and began questioning Mr Martin about his lack of assistance, before Mr Martin called him a "bully" and a "thug" and hung up on him.

Mr Martin subsequently spun a story to the local media attempting to paint the widow as a liar and was exposed for knowing of the council of which he used to serve as mayor on sealing the wrong road.

In Mr Martin's farewell speech, he made allegations that Hadley has no ethics and is only there to earn money before claiming he was a flawed human being.

Hadley immediately hit back, claiming that Mr Martin was gutless for using parliamentary privilege to attack him. On his show, Mr Hadley said “I’ll tell you what, when it comes to having no scruples, you’re captain, coach and sole selector,”

“The difference is, of course, you may wish to sue me because I’m saying it here. You have no guts. Go outside parliament and say I’ve got no ethics and see how I bore it up you, you lowlife bludger.”

Mr Hadley went on to slam Martin's recollection of the circumstances of Kevin McFadden's death, which Martin told parliament “An ambulance supposedly had not turned up to an accident. Apparently there were three of them.”

Hadley said that Martin was a "lying lowlife" and that the truth was:
“The ambulance didn’t turn up to the death of a man who suffered a heart attack and his poor wife Velma … eventually got an apology from the ambulance service because the bloody ambulance didn’t turn up at the right address because it wasn’t equipped with the necessary GPS equipment to get it to the right address.

“You see, that’s what he thinks of his constituents, this lowlife bludger."

Mr Hadley's attacks continued today, flanked by Velma McFadden, Mr McFadden's widow.

Gerard Martin has repeatedly come under fire by Carenne Gate for leaking confidential communications with a whistleblower to Carenne principal Lyn Duncan and for claiming that people outside of the Bathurst region have no right commenting on issues at the school. In an email to myself on 17 November 2009, Mr Martin said:
In response to your e-mail the 17th of the 11th regarding Carenne special school I make the following observations.

I have always been and will continue to be a strong supporter of the school.

The fact that something has been revealed on Indymedia does not make it true. I am aware of many libellous and untrue statements posted on that website. I am Also intrigued as to how and why people who do not live in the area have no knowledge or links to the school can add to the mischievous innuendo and rumour.

I am confident that the departmental and police investigations will reveal the true story. In the meantime the genuine and honest supporters of Carenne school will continue to support the school as it goes about its very important work
Mr Martin would now be aware that much of the true story has been revealed about the Carenne Special School, with serious claims of child abuse, corruption and bullying being covered up by Mr Martin's friends.

In my view, the Bathurst community will lose nothing by Gerard Martin not contesting the next state election as he has been deeply involved in the persecution and cover-ups at Carenne Special School.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Is Angie Cranston the aide from hell?

The Carenne Saviours have contacted Carenne Gate concerned about staffing adjustments being made at Carenne Special School due to her relentless bullying and harassment of other staff. Despite a history of incompetence, sexual misconduct, misuse of school equipment and being named in bullying complaints, Neil Moon does nothing about Cranston's misconduct.

"Angie is part of Neil Moon's inner circle" said one Saviour.

The Saviours allege that Angie Cranston, along with Simone Russell, Michael Auld and Margaret Rowe was responsible for spreading rumours throughout the school that Prue Luffman was having an affair with Peter Richards, leading to Mrs Luffman's nervous breakdown and resignation from Carenne. They also claim that along with Lucy Thornton, Angie Cranston hid or destroyed evidence that Carenne Support were not providing therapy to students which they had claimed they were doing therapy on.

The Saviours claim that Barbara Woolfe resigned from Carenne after working with Mrs Cranston, who made several serious allegations about her including claims that Mrs Woolfe was abusing children.

Earlier in the year, Kelly Thompson, a teacher highly regarded by parents was forced on to stress leave after she was bullied and harassed by Mrs Cranston. The department has since relocated her to Bathurst West Public to take her out of the stressful environment at Carenne.

The latest teacher to fall victim to Mrs Cranston is Matt Casey, who now refuses to work in the class despite being offered block work on that class. According to the Saviours, Mr Casey claimed he could not work with a woman like Mrs Cranston who pushed staff around and who neglected the welfare of students.

The failure of Neil Moon and Peter Harvey to take action against Mrs Cranston shows the special treatment members of the so-called Carenne Klan receive from the department.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

New site launched

I am proud to announce that with the plethora of issues plaguing the Department of Education and Training in the Western Region that I have launched a new site: detgate.blogspot.com where issues at schools other than the now infamous Carenne Special School will be reported on and discussed.

Monday, November 22, 2010

"Did Janelle Kemp tell the John Maclean Foundation about her milking of the system?": Carenne Saviours

The Carenne Saviours have contacted Carenne Gate asking whether the John Maclean Foundation were told about the benefits the Kemp family have received from a number of sources including Carenne Support. King Cain Bathurst Wallabies Tri Club nominated the corrupt teacher's son as one of two beneficiaries of a fundraising campaign to be conducted by the John Maclean Foundation.

The Carenne Saviours contacted Carenne Gate last week, prior to it being reported in the Western Advocate asking whether or not the John Maclean Foundation were informed about the benefits the Kemp family has received from a variety of local sources before they decided to attempt to raise $10,000 for the child.

"Do they know that Janelle's son received a $6,500 walker from Carenne Support, how about the support from Country Energy?" said one Saviour.

Another saviour said "There are far more deserving students at Carenne than Will, his family's income is over $150,000 per year, they can afford to support him themselves, there are parents at Carenne strugging on less than $15,000 per year but they get nothing."

The article in the Western Advocate neglected to mention that Mrs Kemp was a teacher at Carenne despite mentioning that Will was a student there.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Parents ask "Where are the laptops Mr Auld?"

A number of parents of year 9 students who were promised to receive laptops under the federal government laptop program have contacted Carenne Gate asking for an investigation into where their children's laptops are.

The operation of the federal laptop program at Carenne has been criticised, following allegations that Michael Auld intended on changing what the school applied for last year without consultation and efforts by Auld to have parents agree to their child not receiving a laptop but instead agree to the school purchasing software which would be kept by the school.

Despite Auld telling parents at a meeting held for parents with students going into year 9 last year that if they wanted they would receive a laptop, several year 9 parents have contacted Carenne Gate to report that their children have not received their computer.

Neil Moon as the school principal should immediately advise parents on where the laptop program is up to and explain why parents have not received their child's laptop.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Grahams caught ripping off the SNTS again

Despite being featured on this blog in March and June for being caught out defrauding the Special Needs Transport Service, Craig and Michelle Graham continue to defraud the Department of Education and Training, claiming that they are returning to Blayney each day when they spend many of them in Bathurst.

Carenne Gate understands that on each day that the Grahams do not return to Blayney, they defraud $160 for their employer Capebase and around $40 for Michelle Graham herself.

Carenne Gate can report that it has received information from a teacher at Carenne that she overheard the Grahams tell Janelle Kemp that they were not returning to Blayney today and asked who would be out in the school buses. The teacher, known as Zebra, claims to have seen the Grahams in Bathurst at 12:10PM, when they should have been in Blayney.

The Grahams have shown that they are willing to defraud the state government for their boss' and their own personal gain.

Moon's Wiseman's Ferry excursion arrangements questioned

Regular readers of this blog might recall a story in August where Libertarian discussed corrupt arrangements made by Neil Moon for the staffing of an excursion to Jindabyne. In that story it was reported that Moon had allocated Angie Cranston to be the aide on the trip so she would receive pay to make up for her taking an extra holiday over the July holidays. Carenne Gate has been tipped off that once more, Carenne Special School principal Neil Moon is using questionable staffing arrangements for excursions.

At present, Michael Auld's class are on an excursion to Wiseman's Ferry on the Hawkesbury River North of Windsor. Despite Melinda Gavin being the usual aide for the class, Neil Moon has employed a young woman who has only worked on and off as a casual to act as aide on the trip with Gavin left wandering about the school doing nothing.

While speaking with Carenne Gate, one Carenne whistleblower asked "Why is the school paying for an extra aide because Melinda didn't go on this trip? Why should it have to pay for a casual? If she didn't want to go she should have swapped positions with someone else and they should have went in her place."

Another whistleblower told Carenne Gate that she had concerns about the aide's ability to look after the students. "A week long camp with special needs students isn't something you get a freshman without experience to come along and supervise, you need someone with plenty of experience and a good rapport with the students."

"What does concern me is that these students are seniors and this aide is not all that much older than them. It is the perfect opportunity for allegations to be made along the lines of what happened with David Withyman and how is she going to defend them?"

The arrangements go to show the complete incompetence of Neil Moon when it comes to staffing at the school. It shows that he is willing to do personal favours for people without considering the implications for the school.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bathurst RDA has its grand opening amid claims it has taken participation fees from the school during its suspension

Yesterday marked the official opening of the Bathurst Riding for the Disabled Association's new site behind Carenne Special School by NSW Governor Prof Marie Bashir. The official opening coincided with the organisation's 30th birthday.

As reported in the Western Advocate, the new facility has been operating since June 2009. During that time there have been numerous disruptions caused by the incompetence and corruption of Michael Auld and Melinda Gavin. According to the Carenne Saviours, this year the RDA program has ran for two months at most.

The longest disruption to the program came when it was discovered in July that the board of RDA failed to have public liability insurance, believing that they could rely on the Department of Education and Training's insurance. Despite this, RDA still charged the school $80 per term per student for those who were to attend the program.

Carenne Gate calls on the committee of RDA to calculate the amount of time the program has ran this year and return any over payments by Carenne to it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Witness to bus driver abusing student told to "shut up"

Carenne whistleblower Barracus has reported that she witnessed a bus driver assaulting a student yesterday afternoon and was told to "shut up" about it when she reported it to Carenne Special School principal, Neil Moon.

Barracus claims that she saw the Carenne Support vehicle driven by Dave Graham parked at the rest area at Mount Lambie where he had a student known to often be locked in a storeroom by Ros Luther outside the vehicle and was physically hitting him on the back and buttocks. Barracus claims to of tried to ring the school immediately but could not get an answer.

Barracus claims that when she got to school this morning she spoke to the principal Neil Moon and reported what she had seen. She was told to "shut up" and not to tell anyone about the incident because it would cause "too many problems" and cast more "negative light" upon the school. Barracus says that she told Mr Moon that it was likely that members of the public saw the assault as it was on the side of the highway in a vehicle which clearly states Carenne School. Mr Moon told her "the last thing we need right now is for someone to report this to the Police, I have them convinced there is nothing wrong here, keep it quiet and it will be all OK".

Barracus says that she expects that Mr Graham will cover-up the incident because his wife was the escort on his bus.

It is concerning that Mr Moon is more interested in the reputation of the school than the welfare of students. Carenne Gate calls for the immediate investigation of this matter.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Carenne staff questioned by DET

With a plethora of lawsuits pending against the Department of Education and Training and Carenne Support, a team from the department's legal branch descended upon the school on Friday to interview a number of staff, past and present.

The Carenne Saviours claim that as with most of these 'interview days' as they are now called, the department calls on those which it knows will lie and say what it wants. One Saviour told Carenne Gate:
"Of course they are going to lie for the department, they know that they need to cover their own hides now. They know that they need to either set someone else up or deny it happening."

Of most concern is claims by Carenne staff that staff from the legal branch have asked for documents to be falsified or to go missing. "Terry Mahony openly boasted that he was asked by the department's solicitors to make up a contract for Nathan Carter so they could use it in court," said Barracus.

With the number of issues at Carenne it is time that senior staff start putting pressure on Peter Harvey to clean up the school.

DET whistleblower claims Carenne has more worker's comp claims than other schools in Bathurst

A DET whistleblower has told Carenne Gate that he has been concerned about the lack of action at Carenne on OH&S matters with the school having more worker's compensation and injury claims than any other school in the Bathurst district.

The whistleblower claims that the school has an abnormally high number of claims for psychological injuries with back injuries also higher than most other schools.

"You can tell Peter Harvey time and time again that something needs to be done at Carenne but he just doesn't listen, he says the stress issues are caused by external factors," said the whistleblower.

The whistleblower claims that a number of staff at the school are repeatedly named in claims as causing problems, yet the department doesn't do anything about it. "You often see Angie Cranston named as being a bully at the school, yet the school won't do anything about her."

It shows that the environment at Carenne is a major concern which department officials are taking a blind eye to.