Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mary Housler's stupidity and a rebuttal of her claims

Last evening, Carenne Support secretary and employee - Mary Housler posted on this blog refuting allegations that she had posed as Carole McDiarmid and put a letter to the school community about the claimed death of Terry Neal. She challenged me to provide evidence that it was in fact her that posted it, so here is the evidence for all to see.

In her posting she also claims:
  • That she has not posted since January 2010. This is false, there are a number of documented postings by Mary Housler, usually under the name "Mary H", but some also under "Anonymous" and "Guest" on this blog which are associated with her IP and email addresses.
  • That Malcolm Barnett, Peter Harvey, Neil Moon, Paul Knight and herself have invited me to meet with them. This is not true. I have requested a meeting with Lyn Duncan, Neil Moon, Peter Harvey, Carole McDiarmid and Peter Riordan in the past. All of them have declined for me to meet with them. Malcolm Barnett contacted me after the site was hacked by Anonymous requesting a meeting, however I declined his meeting as I saw it as a case of too little too late. If Mr Barnett was serious he would have met with me sooner. I have never spoken to Mary Housler or Paul Knight.
  • That nobody who posts on this blog is of the caliber of Carenne's staff. This is probably true as most of the people who post on this blog are against child sexual abuse, assaulting disabled students, corruption and down right incompetence. It takes a special sort of person to be able to do this to the level that Carenne staff do.
It is about time that the department take action against Mary Housler, an appointed representative of Carenne Support.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Carenne Support secretary's sick joke

Last evening, a series of posts relating to the claimed suicide of Terry Neal appeared on the blog. The first of these postings was made by someone purporting to be Carole McDiarmid, director of the NSW Department of Education and Training for Western NSW.

Following this, two more postings were made by the same person, one claiming to be Michael Auld and another under the name hatho. All three postings were linked to the same address. Carenne Gate made some inquiries and learned that the address matched that used by Mary Housler to send emails to a number of people earlier in the day.

The postings show the extent supporters of the Carenne Klan will go to to post incorrect information on this blog. It also shows that the likes of Mary Housler are only too glad to pose as other people on the blog.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Carenne Support's travel support rort

A Carenne Support whistleblower has come forward to expose the latest rort by the corrupt Carenne Special School associated organisation. It has been learned that for almost two months, Carenne Support has required two travel support officers on its Lithgow bus - one for the student from Lithgow who was locked in the Carenne torture room and sat on and another for the rest of the students on the bus.

According to the whistleblower, Dave Graham claimed that the student from Lithgow required a male to accompany him to and from school. This was granted by the education department, who is now paying for two travel support officers on the one run.

According to the whistleblower, the new escort was part of a rort organised by Mary Housler, Geoff Salmon and Dave Graham. Carenne Support recently learned that next year it will only be paid from the time it picks up its first student unless it has to detour by more than 5 kilometres to pick up the escort. As the travel support officer on the bus was Dave's wife, Carenne Support would not be entitled to the extra money so Carenne Support decided that a second travel support officer needed to be allocated to the run so it could be paid the 15% travel support loading next year.

"Mary Housler told me herself that they wanted another travel support officer allocated to the run so that they wouldn't be as out of pocket for as much next year," said the whistleblower.

"Mary wanted the travel support officer allocated early so it didn't look like they were trying to rort the system,"

"Now the department is paying double for the travel support on that run."

It is yet another example of the continuing protection being provided to Carenne Support and the continual defrauding of the NSW tax payers by the organisation.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

We have control

Updated by Libertarian 19.09.2011

The owners of this blog now have regained access to it.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just when you thought the directors of Carenne Support couldn't get any stupider...

The Bathurst Bulldogs Rugby Club have once again been duped by Carenne Special School principal Neil Moon and the directors of corrupt school-based organisation Carenne Support. The Bathurst Bulldogs have been a loyal supporter of the school, running a number of fundraisers for the school.

The Bathurst Bulldogs paid for the Carenne Special School decals on Carenne Support's Toyota bus, presumably being led to believe that the bus was owned by the school. Was the club aware that the bus is one of three used by Carenne Support to generate in excess of $130,000 per year under contract to the education department?

On the rear of the bus is a label saying that the bus is proudly supported by the Bathurst Bulldogs Rugby Club. Just what support is being provided to Carenne Special School for the bus, which is actually owned by Carenne Support?

Are they aware of the evidence provided by hacker group Anonymous showing that Carenne Special School has been charged by Carenne Support for using buses which were purchased for it?

It appears that once more Neil Moon, principal of Carenne Special School and the directors of Carenne Support have once again misled the Bathurst community for their own gain. It is time for the education department to take serious action against Neil Moon and Carenne Support for their ongoing corruption.

Carenne teacher sex case in court next week

David Withyman will take his case to the Supreme Court in Sydney next Wednesday, seeking leave to appeal against the decision of the court in September last year.

Also listed on the same day is an appeal by Anna Blackburn after she was found to have been in a sexual relationship with the disabled Carenne student.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

What the DEC and Police did about Russell school sex allegations

An email between Lyn Duncan and a member of Bathurst SEA staff shows what was done regarding the allegation that Jeremy Russell had sex with Melissa Harris at Carenne. In the email, Duncan outlined what had been done since the allegation surfaced.

The email is consistent with the chat transcript leaked by Anonymous to their blog.

Frighteningly, the email shows that Carenne were aware of the allegations the day after the incident is alleged to have occurred, however in contravention of child protection policies, it was not reported to EPAC by the person receiving the complaint (Terry Neal) or Duncan herself. Only when a whistleblower at the school contacted Gary Bevan did EPAC become aware of the very serious allegations.

The email indicates that there was an allegation that the student was offered a bribe if she said that she was raped by a student and not by Jeremy Russell and that Duncan had been managing the issue of inappropriate messages between Russell and the student.

The incident and subsequent events were investigated by Constable Haertsch and Senior Constable Rasmussen who after interviewing only Lyn Duncan decided that nothing had happened. Duncan then contacted Detective Fred Hennessy who gave her the email address of the whistleblower who made the complaint to EPAC, once again showing the complete disregard for confidentiality in the local Police.

Once again, Carenne failed to follow proper protocol and procedure. Duncan should have reported the allegation to EPAC as soon as it became aware of it, but instead chose to deal with a serious sexual allegation locally in order to cover it up.