Sunday, August 26, 2012

Police attack Carenne Gate

Police carried out a morning raid on Carenne Gate blogger Mark Lindbert's home in Liverpool almost a month ago on 30 July 2012. Police searched the home looking for information related to this blog for which it obtained a warrant for as Police allege it contains material which promotes child abuse.

Following the raid, detectives asked that we refrain from posting new stories on the blog for a short period until they knew what they could do about the blog. My colleagues also agreed to this request.

On Friday, Police advised that they would be returning all seized material and would be taking no further action as they could not find any evidence of illegal activity raising serious concerns about why the Police raided Mr Lindbert's home to begin with. It looks as though it was an intimidation tactic carried out on behalf of the Department of Education and Communities to cover up what is happening at Carenne School.