Saturday, April 30, 2011

The lies about Jeremy

From Inside Carenne

I have just read the rubbish on the Carenne Gate blog about how the Russells claimed that someone made a fake profile of Jeremy and its absolute bullshit! If you go to the girl's facebook page you can see postings from "Jeremy Superbad Russell" which links to his current profile that he uses.

It can't be too fake. It looks like Sgt Russell and his wife lied to cover up for a pedophile!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Moon's honeymoon is over, time for him to be sacked

The incompetent and arrogant principal of Carenne, Neil Moon needs to realise that his honeymoon period is well and truly over and it is time for him to wake up and take responsibility for the state the school is in.

Last year, during the school's review, Neil Moon acknowledged most of the issues the school had but laid blame on former principals Lyn Duncan and Terry Mahony. Neil Moon hid behind the excuse that he had only been at the school a short time and was working to resolve the issues.

A year later and the school is in a bigger mess than it was when Neil Moon took the reins, but of course he still maintains that he is working to resolve the issues and the problems come from before his time. This is someone who has been at the helm of the school for well over a year and he still claims the problems aren't his fault.

Parents complain to SEA staff that Neil Moon is arrogant, disconnected and incompetent. They claim to have been stood over by Moon and claim that he fobs them off, all complaints we never heard about Lyn Duncan or Terry Mahony.

It's time that Peter Harvey shows some spine and holds Neil Moon responsible for the utter disgrace that Carenne has become. Under teaching regulations, Neil Moon as principal is responsible for managing the school in a proper, efficient, economic and equitable manner. Of course he hasn't done this nor has he managed his staff properly.

Staff fail to follow Moon's directions because they see him as a joke. They continue to post on this blog, harass parents on this blog and leak information to people outside the school. All this is being done under Moon's leadership but he denies having control over it. Well Mr Moon it's time you realise it is YOUR problem or stand down.

When will Carenne Support's contract be torn up?

The corrupt organisation at the centre of Carenne Gate, Carenne Support has once again breached its contract with the Department of Education and Training. A source internal to the department has contacted Carenne Gate and advised that the hire vehicle used by Carenne Support for its Lithgow run this morning would not have been approved by the department and using it breaches the agreement between the department and Carenne Support.

The source claims that the vehicle approval process takes a number of days and requires a number of checks to be done, none of which were done in this case. Carenne Support has once again breached its contract.

Carenne Support has a history of breaching its contract, whether it be by overclaiming, running with unapproved staff, refusing to transport an autistic student or using vehicles which are not roadworthy.

The contract should be terminated because of Carenne Support's persistent breaches but of course it won't be. The source claims that Carenne Support is the subject of 75% of all complaints to the Assisted School Travel Unit in Wollongong yet it still holds both of its contracts.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Simone Russell and the supply of alcohol to minors - a sackable offence

Carenne's corrupt former SAM turned SLSO, Simone Russell can be sacked for her supply of alcohol to her underage daughter and others, however, a proper investigation has never been conducted as Simone was thought to have been to 'hell and back' during the Carenne Gate Affair.

It has been posted on the Inside Carenne Blogspot that Simone and Scott Russell encouraged underage drinking at their house prior to February 2010 and again only recently. It has also been reported that in May 2009, the Russell's put down a large amount of money on the bar of the Oxford Hotel for their daughter's 16th birthday where underage children were permitted to drink alcohol.

Ironically, Simone was the person who created the 'pisant' Blogspot which revealed that Lee Churches had supplied her underage son with alcohol and drugs.

What Simone fails to realise is that her conduct can be investigated by EPAC and is an offence that is sackable. It breaches child protection policies, guidelines and good practice and is in breach of the department's code of conduct. Peter Harvey is aware of these issues and refuses to refer the matter to EPAC because 'Simone has been to hell and back with the Jeremy sex scandal.' What is interesting is that the department sacked Jeremy as an escort and will refuse to employ him in any capacity as he was grooming a 14 year-old girl for sex on the Internet.

There is no loyalty in the Russell family. When Simone was approached by the Police for posting on the blog as hatho, she said that it must have been Jeremy or her son Corey and that she had never posted on the blog. She admitted that both boys may have overheard conversations at home and decided to post on the blog 'making it look like it came from her.'

Anyone can see that Russell is part of the Carenne Cabal and will not be touched by Moon, Harvey or McDiarmid. In a perfect world she would be sacked but of course she is protected because she is married to a policeman and part of the cabal.

The 'axis of evil'

For years many of us in the department have known just how malignant and rotten the Department of Education and Training is in the Bathurst district. Appointments are not based on merit and the focus is on stabbing whomever you need in the back to get ahead. This has been proudly supported by our Queen, Regional Director Carole McDiarmid.

You see Carole is a Bathurst girl herself. She worked as superintendent (the name that the SED was formerly given) in Bathurst before being promoted to superintendent in Orange and now to Regional Director based in Dubbo. Her roots remain firmly planted in Bathurst and her alliances here also.

Unfortunately for Carole she has a number of skeletons in her closet from her time here in Bathurst. She is renowned for being incompetent and corrupt. She is known to make life hard for any person who disagrees with her and will bend the system to her advantage. Countless teachers have been 'Healthquested' at her insistence after they spoke out about her friends or dared to question the Queen herself.

At Carenne of course, the Queen isn't the only problem. The real 'axis of evil' involves Peter Harvey and Neil Moon. The two weaklings along with the Queen will do anything they can to protect themselves. They know if one falls they all fall, this is why Lynette Duncan, a highly capable executive in the department was made out to be 'mentally ill' after her demise. When it became apparent that Lynette was a liability, Queen Carole ordered for her to be beheaded by the KLAN at Carenne.

You might think that the KLAN is something that was fostered, encouraged and even created by Jock Roxborough during his time as principal but don't fool yourself, the KLAN was something actively supported by Queen Carole. Most schools across the Bathurst district have a KLAN or 'cabal' as we call them at district office with their own 'code of omerta'. In most schools it isn't as visible as Carenne but I can assure you, they are still there.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A/Insp Scott Russell and Simone Russell still allow underage drinking at their house

From Inside Carenne

The alcohol licensing officer for the Coonamble/Walgett region, Scott Russell and his wife, a teacher's aide at Carenne School have been caught allowing underage drinking at their house again.

The photo at the top shows alcohol in the Russell family home, ready to be consumed by Simone's underage daughter.

The second and third photos show Simone's underage daughter drinking alcohol at a party. Why is Scott Russell allowed to supply alcohol to minors?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mary Housler commits a criminal offence on this blog

Last night, Mary Housler, the administrator of Carenne Support posted on this blog about the criminal records of two juveniles. Under NSW law, the publication of the names of children involved in criminal offences is punishable by a maximum 12 months imprisonment.

Mrs Housler made the Anonymous posting at 8:28 PM last night. Through IP address logs and emails provided to Carenne Gate, the Anonymous comment was traced to the Carenne Support administrator.

According to Liberty Star, one of the persons named were reporting to Portland Police Station while Sgt Scott Russell was stationed there, providing further evidence of the supply of police information by Scott and Simone Russell.

As a person who commented on this blog, Mary Housler is considered the person who published the information.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Mary Housler's financial incentive to post on this blog

With the tender process for runs under the Special Needs Transport Service underway, Carenne Support's administrator Mary Housler has a financial incentive to post on this blog.

Carenne Support gets the bulk of it's funding from the SNTS. In an e-mail leaked by Michael Auld to a number of Carenne Special School staff, Christine Porter told an employee that without the bus runs at Carenne there would be no Carenne Support. Without Carenne Support, Mary Housler would be out of a job and wouldn't be receiving the income she is as the company's administrator.

If you look at many of Mrs Housler's postings on this blog, many of them have to do with other SNTS operators at Carenne such as Peter Williams, Dick Spears, Cheryl Chaplin and Les Ross. It would seem as though Mrs Housler is trying to discredit them to make Carenne Support look better in the eyes of the department. Surely the department has to see that "Mary H" as she posts on this blog is in fact Mary Housler and is speaking on behalf of Carenne Support.

Carenne Support has a documented history of breaching SNTS guidelines, fraud, corruption, breaches of industrial law and violence against whistleblowers. With this in mind, Carenne Support must be terrified of the current tender process.

Why Mary Housler is posting on this blog

While most people involved on both sides of the disputes at Carenne Special School have to post on this blog under the cloud of anonymity, Carenne Support administrator Mary Housler has brazenly posted on this blog using her own name.

Carenne Gate can confirm through access logs of this blog and e-mails sent to her friends which have forwarded them to Carenne Gate for comparison that "Mary H" is in fact Mary Housler who posts on this blog using a Internet connection through Bigpond.

While staff at Carenne itself are bound by a code of conduct and Carenne Support's bus staff are forced to sign a contract prohibiting them from using this blog. Mary Housler it would seem isn't covered by the department's code of conduct or any condition of her employment.

It looks as though Mrs Housler is being encouraged to defend Carenne Special School and Carenne Support on this blog by her employer Carenne Support. Mrs Housler has been allowed to continue posting on this blog and is being fed information from the school. As Mrs Housler works for a contractor she should have no knowledge of the goings on inside Carenne, yet from her postings she has been fed information directly from the school for the posting on this blog.

Neil Moon should be held accountable for the posts made by Mrs Housler on this blog, particularly when she is being supplied information by staff at his school.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

P&C meeting a flop

The P&C meeting held at Carenne on Monday was a complete flop according to one observer. The school's incompetent principal, Neil Moon warned a few weeks ago that the P&C was at risk of folding due to a lack of people at meetings and the resignation of the president, secretary and treasurer.

Two of the people who resigned were Janelle Kemp and Simone Russell.

According to an observer at the P&C meeting, only a handful of people were in attendance, well short of the 20 claimed by Neil Moon.

The meeting shows the complete lack of support that Carenne has within its local community following the mass of issues relating to child protection, finance and staff bullying.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Michael Auld's $16,000 mistake

Following the revelation that Carenne Special School has been illegally dumping rubbish at a rural tip, it has been discovered that $16,000 worth of interactive whiteboards claimed to have been damaged by Michael Auld have also been dumped at the site.

Eight smart boards have been found at the Rockley Waste Transfer Station belonging to Carenne. According to "nedkelly" these whiteboards are valued at $2,000 each.

"Michael Auld deliberately f---ed them and said Nathan Carter set them up incorrectly,"

"He's an egomaniac. He can't handle being told that everything is falling apart because of him," said nedkelly.

nedkelly claimed that she knew the boards were still under warranty but because of Michael Auld's mistake the school couldn't claim on them.

A source inside the education department claimed that Michael Auld had tried to update the board's on-board software so that they had the features of the newer boards, when this failed the boards were ruined.

"Michael Auld tried to update the software on the boards to allow the touch recognition feature, it didn't work. Only a complete idiot would do something this stupid. He first put the wrong software on and then updated more than one. The bloke is a tool,"
"It only costs around $150 to fix what he did but instead these idiots throw out $2,000 equipment. The whiteboard has a controller on the back which has been removed by Auld, he wouldn't want anyone knowing that these whiteboards are fine apart from where he stuffed them up," said the departmental source.

The serial numbers and ID numbers on each of the whiteboards reported to be at the Rockley tip are:

It provides further evidence of the complete incompetence and mismangement going on at Carenne Special School in Bathurst.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The truth about Carenne funding

Following an article in the Western Advocate yesterday about Carenne receiving the third highest amount of funding in Bathurst per student, I took a look at the Myschool website myself.

While Myschool reports Carenne receives a whopping $36,148 per student the extra costs associated with the school are not included.

These include the transportation of students to the school under the Special Needs Transport Service and the funding previously given to Carenne Support for therapy.

If these were factored in, the amount of funding associated with Carenne would be far higher. I can remember having a discussion with a Carenne Gate whistleblower sometime ago where she told me that there was a bus transporting one student around 80 Km per day one way. Comments on this blog indicate that SNTS operators are paid around $2 per Km so this would add up to over $128,000 per year. Then there are a number of other bus runs which are also funded using the same formula.

With the amount of money involved at Carenne, the school executive needs to be held more accountable for how its spent and for its shady deals with organisations such as RDA.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Carenne's illegal dumping of rubbish affects villagers

A resident of the village of Rockley, South of Bathurst has contacted Carenne Gate to report the illegal dumping of rubbish from Carenne Special School at the Rockley Waste Transfer Station. The resident claims that Carenne has been dumping rubbish at the site for sometime and avoids scrutiny by the council by going to the tip when it is closed through a hole cut in the fence by a Carenne employee.

The resident, who came across the Carenne Gate blog when doing a websearch for Carenne complains that for the last year, increasing amounts of rubbish have been dumped at Rockley by the school's groundsman Peter Taylor.

"At the moment there are cardboard boxes, computer equipment and building waste that Peter Taylor has dumped there,"

"They are so stupid that they put computer stuff and boxes in there with Carenne School still written on them, the tip is only to be used by local residents not by a school in Bathurst,"

"You can go out there some days and there will be half a steel bin full of Carenne School's rubbish, it is really starting to affect those of us who live in the village as it limits what and when we can dump, it's only open two days a week and when they fill it up before Saturday we have no way to dump anything."

"There are recycling bins there for cardboard but Carenne is too lazy to use that and to make matters worse, Peter Taylor is dumping rubbish when the tip is closed. A local saw him dumping a full ute load of stuff there on Friday even though the tip is only open on Wednesday and Saturday, he knows the tip is manned when it is open and knows he isn't allowed to dump Carenne's rubbish here,"
"There is a hole in the side fence that he cut so he can drive in and out," said the Rockley Resident.

The Rockley Resident claims that Carenne would be dumping rubbish at Rockley as it is free for residents unlike the Bathurst Waste Management Centre which charges to dump rubbish.

"Bathurst charge $50 a tonne from memory to dump rubbish, Peter Taylor can dump it at Rockley on the way home for free."

When Carenne Gate asked nedkelly about the arrangements, she claimed that for years the school had been dumping rubbish illegally. "I know of Michael Auld dumping some at Wattle Flat at the tip there and I know of Simone Russell dumping rubbish at Portland when she lived there. When Peter Taylor has more than one load of rubbish, he usually dumps it on the side of the road somewhere,"

"Neil Moon is very supportive of dumping rubbish at Rockley because it saves the school money and because people from Bathurst who might have given the school things won't find what has been wrecked or wasted out at Rockley,"

"Neil Moon says its OK because Peter lives out there, there is nothing wrong with it," said nedkelly.

According to Bathurst Regional Council, which runs the station at Rockley, to use the tip the user must own a property within the rural area.

It once again shows the complete disregard that Carenne Special School management has for other people's property, for the environment and for council rules.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Steve Minshull abuses staff

Carenne Special School klansmen turned whistleblower nedkelly has contacted Carenne Gate after being abused by Capebase Blayney bus driver Steve Minshull on Friday afternoon. nedkelly claims this abuse was leveled at staff in front of students by the driver.

nedkelly claims that Mr Minshull said "you c---s are always running late, this is the second day in a row you have been late. Too bad if I have something else to do. You need to get your f---ing act together."

nedkelly claims that Mr Minshull's aggression and language upset nearby students, with a number of them having to be settled by staff. nedkelly said that Mr Minshull had to pick up a number of students from a local Bathurst school before he went to Carenne and he arrived at Carenne at 2:50PM most days, expecting staff to change their routine to suit him.

"This other school would be having to pull students out of class early just to suit this moron's schedule. He needs to be told that he isn't the boss and he has no right telling us what to do," said nedkelly.

According to nedkelly and Horatio, Steve Minshull behaved the same when he drove the Hartley bus.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Michael Auld's night time behaviour at Carenne gets stranger

A Carenne Special School employee who was passing by the school last night and became concerned that the shed at the rear of the school was being burgled discovered that it was one of their colleagues, Michael Auld acting suspiciously.

The employee reports that they drove past the school at around 8PM and seeing a vehicle parked at the rear gate with its headlights on high beam. When they went to see what was happening, they saw Michael Auld's White Ford Falcon parked at the gate with him standing near the gate.

It is unknown what Michael Auld was doing around the shed at the rear of the school with nobody else around at 8PM at night. The employee told Carenne Gate that they reported it to Carenne Gate so that if anything went missing from the shed, it would be known that it was Michael Auld who had taken it.

Michael Auld is regularly observed by posters and Carenne Gate investigators at the school at all times of the day and night by himself. With the plethora of issues at Carenne Special School, including the leaks of confidential information, the likes of Michael Auld should not be allowed at the school after hours.