Monday, April 30, 2012

Neil Moon defrauds the public

In years to come when people look at the history of Carenne Special School in Bathurst, Neil Moon's principalship will be remembered as being one of cover-ups, lies, incompetence and stupidity. Neil Moon showed his tendancy for the last during his interview with Radio 2BS today.

During the interview, Mr Moon mentioned the upcoming Variety Club Bash and how the school owes them a debt of gratitude because Variety gave the school financial support  to purchase two buses. What Moon didn't realise is that his slip has quite significant ramifications for Carenne Support. Here you have yet another principal claiming that the funds raised for the Carenne bus appeal were actually raised for the school.

If Variety donated to the school (which is what the rest of the Bathurst community did, as they were led to believe the buses were for the school), why did the school give the money to Carenne Support? Why does Carenne Support own the buses and use them for business?

The issue raises very serious concerns about Terry Mahony, the school's principal at the time. Why did he allow the money to be siphoned to Carenne Support? Why did he lie to the community? 

It's time the Bathurst Detectives actually do their job and charge every director of Carenne Support at the time with fraud.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dick Spears breaches ASTP guidelines further

Carenne Gate has been alerted to breaches of the Assisted School Travel Program guidelines by parents and staff at the maligned Carenne Special School. Mr Spears has a past history of breaching departmental guidelines - having transported Geoff Salmon's son to an unapproved address making his run much shorter than claimed for a number of years.

In mid-April, an audit carried out by the Assisted School Travel unit discovered that Mr Spears had been overdeclaring the distance of his run by 10 kilometres per day, resulting in significant overpayments. Spears is now being forced to repay the department for his fraudulent claims.

Carenne Gate can reveal a possible student safety breach by Mr Spears involving the escort on his vehicle. Under ASTP guidelines, the escort is required to travel in the rear of the vehicle with the students being supported. Parents and staff claim that Spears' escort travels in the front of the vehicle.

When questioned by one parent, Spears said that he couldn't have his escort in the back of the vehicle because there wasn't enough room. Spears told the parent that an escort wasn't really needed on the bus and that he only wanted it so he could claim the 15% escort bonus on top of his normal pay.

The parent reported their concern to Neil Moon who told them that he was aware of the issue and that it was being addressed.

If Mr Spears is using a vehicle that isn't up to the task then the department should require that he supply one that is or assign his run to another contractor.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Peter Williams protected by Police

Last month, Peter Williams was involved in an accident in his Nissan Civilian bus involving a parents car at their home in Windradyne. Williams reversed into the vehicle, causing moderate damage and took off. The parent reported the incident to Carenne School principal Neil Moon and local police.

The parent then contacted Williams who is alleged to have said "I didn't hit your car but if you want to push it I have June as a witness to say I didn't."

Neil Moon interviewed Williams and his travel support officer June Crawford, who denied that the accident even occurred. According to Moon's report, Williams told him that he noticed the car was damaged when he got there and didn't think anything of it and that the marks on the rear of his bus were from reversing into a pole a few weeks ago.

As Williams failed to stop and exchange details, Police commenced an investigation with several people coming forward to say they witnessed the incident. One witness told Police that she had no idea why he did a three-point turn where he did when he only needed to go to the end of the street where there is a turning bay. She claimed that she had seen Williams almost run children over a number of times when he hasn't been watching what he is doing.

Despite there being numerous witnesses to the accident, Williams has not been charged by Police with failing to exchange details after an accident or negligent driving - showing that there is obviously some level of protection for Williams. A source at Bathurst Police told Carenne Gate that Williams was known to investigating officers and they felt sorry for him as he claimed his business would fail if he was charged as the department would revoke his contract. This should have no effect on the matter.

The fact is that Williams damaged another person's car, took off hoping nobody could see, lied to Neil Moon, lied to Police and remains a driver/operator to transport disabled students too and from school. Something is seriously wrong.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Digging deeper into Salmon and Speck's affairs

Carenne Gate can reveal a number of issues with Carenne Support director Geoff Salmon's own company - Salmon and Speck Pty Ltd which is currently in administration after racking up millions of dollars in debt. After digging into the affairs of the company, Carenne Gate can reveal that Salmon may have breached his duty as a director and could be personally liable for debts of the company.

Carenne Gate can reveal that Salmon 'self-dealt' with the company, using it to pay for items for himself and hide them in the company's books, without the knowledge of his business partner Peter Speck.

These debts include:
Alert Monitoring Service for 335 Foleys Creek Road, Oberon $223.95
Atherton Tableland for work done at 335 Foleys Creek Road, Oberon $66,705.64
Clark Tanks for water tank installed at 335 Foleys Creek Road, Oberon $6,544.00
Elgas for LPG service at 335 Foleys Creek Road, Oberon $1,994.10
Integral Energy for electricity service at 335 Foleys Creek Road, Oberon $7,871.59
Optus for mobile telephones used by Salmon $13,891.68
Telstra for home telephone at 335 Foleys Creek Road, Oberon $562.64
Wright Express for fuel cards issued to Geoffrey and Gillian Salmon $13,029.27
Minimum amount misappropriated by Salmon: $110,822.87

These are the amounts which are easily identifiable to have been self-dealt by Salmon. There may be more.

Of even more concern is that some of these debts have been outstanding since 2008, meaning that since that time Salmon has racked up more debt that he knew he couldn't pay. It's time that ASIC does a full and proper investigation into whether Salmon breached his duty as a director and if the company while insolvent.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Geoff and Gillian Salmon defraud administrators

Directors of corrupt charity Carenne Support, Geoff and Gillian Salmon appear to have either lied during the preparation of a Report As To Affairs (RATA) used in the liquidation of Salmon and Speck Pty Ltd or have attempted to gain more from the company than they are entitled to.

Carenne Gate can reveal that as of last month, Geoff and Gillian Salmon jointly claimed to be owed $450,000 by Salmon and Speck Pty Ltd, despite a RATA figure of nil. At the same time last year, the RATA figure was just over $117,000. That's an increase of around $333,000. Geoff Salmon separately claims to be owed $450,000 with his business partner Peter Speck claiming another $450,000.

Even without the Salmons and Mr Speck's claim, the amount owed by the company is in the millions of dollars - with a RATA amount of $2,000,000 owed to the National Australia Bank and over $1,000,000 owed to Asphalt Haulage.

The fall out from the collapse is vast, with businesses struggling due to the massive amounts owed to them by Salmon and Speck, one company - Comet Foods has gone bankrupt after carrying massive debt raked up by Salmon. Labour Hire companies and employees are owed  over $170,000 with an insurance company also owed for worker's compensation.

By looking at how Salmon runs his own company, it's not hard to see why Carenne Support is in such a shambles. Geoff and Gillian Salmon are conartists who should be nowhere near a charitable institution like Carenne Support.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Neil Moon covered up child sex assault at Holman Place

Neil Moon, the incompetent and corrupt principal of Carenne Special School has been accused of covering up a sexual assault between students at Holman Place Special School in Cowra during his tenure as principal.

Neil Moon took over as principal at Holman Place, first in a relieving capacity then permanently after Terry Mahony was promoted to principal at Carenne in 2004. Within months the Holman Place community began talking about the differences between the school with Mahony as principal and that under Moon. The behaviour of students worsened, staff morale was low and parents described Moon as "pompas" and "unapproachable".

In 2008 an incident occurred at the school where an older student sexually assaulted a younger student. With only 15 students in the entire school, the victim had to face the attacker everyday. The parents of the victim spoke to Neil Moon, who persuaded them not to involve the Police because their daughter would be seen as the one instigating the assault. "He told us not to report it to the Police because they wouldn't believe (name removed) and would think she instigated it," said the child's mother.

In a shock to the victim's parents, Moon then said "Nobody likes a dobber, she is disabled, she will get over it."

The incident was never reported to senior department officials and was kept a secret by Neil Moon, similarly to how he runs Carenne.

Neil Moon is an ineffective principal and should be demoted or dismissed, his history at both Holman Place and Carenne is appalling and demonstrates his complete lack of regard for student welfare and departmental processes.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Interchange worker uncovers Neil Moon's plans

A vacation care worker with respite organisation Interchange has uncovered a series of plans by Neil Moon to increase school numbers in an effort to rid the school of a long-time staff member and to recommend the allocation of additional runs to Carenne Support.

The worker has supplied Carenne Gate with documents left laying around the school by Neil Moon. One is a letter written by Moon promoting the school, claiming it to be the "best available option for students with special needs" and saying that "the school is well resourced and supported through Carenne Support Limited". The letter appears to be directed towards special education units and parents in the Bathurst district. The letter is the precursor to two other documents found by the care worker.

The second is a report on long-time General Assistant Peter Taylor, who Carenne staff have rumoured to be at risk if being dismissed for Doug Rowe. In the report, Neil Moon mentions that by the end of the year he plans on having the numbers to support 16 classes at the school which would increase the General Assistant's position to five days per week. In the report, Moon states that "Peter Taylor does not have the requisite fitness to be able to perform the role on a 1 FTE basis and would either have to remain on a 0.4 FTE basis with a second person sharing the position or preferably replaced by someone capable of performing a 1 FTE position."

"The level of confusion and disruption by students in having two General Assistants lead me to believe that the best solution is to medically retire Mr Taylor and hire another General Assistant."

In the final document, an email between Neil Moon and Sandra Marsic at the Assisted School Travel Unit, Neil Moon mentions that he is planning on an increase of one class next term with at least 8 new students. He says that he would "strongly encourage as many of these students as possible to be allocated to runs with Carenne Support to support the school's programs."

The documents should be of concern to parents when Neil Moon can't manage a school with 12 classes and he plans on increasing them to 16. Such an increase would require an increase of around 30 students. Carenne Gate will call on Neil Moon's plan to be ignored and for students to be allocated to support classes in the district.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Les Ross threatens Carenne staff

Owner of Assisted School Travel operator Capebase, Les Ross has contacted staff at Carenne over the weekend complaining about an email sent to operators by Kerry Jackson. Ross told the person that he believed that the email had come from someone at the school or Brian Carter.

The staff member, who was distressed by the call claims that she was threatened by Ross and told that when he finds out who wrote the email that he will go through the whole school until he sorts them out. He threatened that he would make sure that they could never make complaints about him again and would break their neck.

The incident shows that Les Ross believes he is beyond the rules of the system and can do what he likes.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Staff question Ros Luther's promotion

Staff at Carenne Special School have once again called staffing practices at the school into question with the promotion of Ros Luther to Assistant Principal last year. Staff claim that Neil Moon was nepotistic with the promotion and that Ros Luther should never have been promoted.

A series of Carenne whistleblowers have complained that Ros Luther is not properly qualified, not having special education qualifications. Nedkelly told Carenne Gate "Michael Auld is an incompetent fool but at least he has special ed qualifications, this bitch has nothing."

Other staff claimed that there were far better suited people in the school than Luther to take the position. Sunbeam said -
"Kylie McDonald, Janelle Kemp and Anne Baskerville all would of made better Assistant Principals than Ros Luther, she is a liar who can only control kids by locking them away."
Former Carenne Assistant Principal carennetruth told Carenne Gate that she was disappointed to hear that Luther had received a promotion - "This is a woman who has caused nothing but trouble, that locked students in the pig pen, had big Di sit on them and who implemented the program that led to Brian Carter's sacking,"

"Ros should have been reprimanded along with Terry Mahony about the travel of Jamie Hussey to Lithgow one day per week, she was the one who implemented it but instead they scapegoated Brian Carter," said carennetruth.

Given the serious allegations made against Ros Luther, staff at the Bathurst Schools Office were amazed that the MERIT Selection Panel chose Ros Luther. It was only in 2010 that she was under investigation by the Employee Performance and Conduct Directorate for using straps to hit children and lock them in the pig pen. It had also been reported to EPAC about her having students sat on by staff and the implementation of the "tranquility room", better used as a torture room.

Ros Luther has no place in the NSW education system and with her appalling record of service should face dismissal.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Carenne double-crosser exposed

Carenne Gate has received evidence showing the games being played by a member of the Carenne Special School executive who has been supplying information to both disgruntled ex-employees and members of the Carenne KLAN. The information was obtained by an employee at the school after Assistant Principal Ros Luther left her laptop and internet stick laying around while logged into Hotmail.

Mrs Luther's account showed a number of emails sent between herself and two Carenne Saviours which are no longer employed at the school. She had also sent emails to members of the Carenne KLAN including Nadine Dwyer, Angie Cranston, Michael Auld, Mary Housler, Geoff Salmon and Christine Porter.

The emails, dating back to 2010 provide an insight into the activities of Carenne's newest Assistant Principal who has been accused of physically abusing students, locking them in a torture room, locking them in a pig pen and lying to departmental investigators. For at least the last two years, Ros Luther has been playing all sides off against each other in an attempt to further her own career. These games have paid off well, given that Mrs Luther went from a casual classroom teacher in 2009 to a permanent Assistant Principal in 2011.

The emails show Mrs Luther's complete lack of respect and contempt for Carenne Principal Neil Moon. In many of her emails, Mrs Luther promises rewards for favours she asks others to do "when she takes over as principal from Neil Moon".

In her emails to the two Carenne Saviours, Luther asks them to report certain issues at the school, claiming that she is unable due to "her position as Assistant Principal and her future career prospects."

In her emails, Mrs Luther has leaked confidential information to people outside the school including:
  • Personal information about students and parents
  • Issues amongst staff at the school
  • Details of incidents at the school
  • Complaints made about staff and those working under the Assisted School Travel Program
A common theme in Luther's emails is to encourage people to make complaints about staff at the school - particularly Janelle Kemp, Karina Mollenkamp, Margaret Rowe and Neil Moon.

In other emails, Luther has openly slagged students, calling some of them cunts, arseholes, fuckwits, sluts, whores and drama queens. Luther has also made threats against a number of people, with the most serious being "I will have that Brian Carter taken out if I lose my job over Jamie Hussey, I don't care, I know people who will kill him" in an email to Christine Porter.

It is now up to the department's Employee Performance and Conduct directorate to take action against Luther for serious breaches of the departmental Code of Conduct after I emailed the evidence to them. Carenne Gate will keep a close watch on what they do next. Carenne Gate calls for the immediate suspension of Ros Luther until such investigations are completed.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Neil Moon hiding issues from senior officials

Neil Moon has come under notice for failing to follow department policy when dealing with serious issues by failing to report them to senior departmental officers. Knowing that his ability to manage Carenne would be called into question if more issues surface, Moon has instead covered them up.

Neil Moon was made aware of serious issues involving Dick Spears racially discriminating against an indigenous student which became so serious that the student refused to travel on Mr Spears' bus, having to be transported home by Ros Luther against department guidelines. Instead of reporting the issue to Peter Harvey and the Assisted School Travel Unit, Mr Moon decided to deal with the matter "in house", despite it clearly being a matter which was more appropriate to be dealt with by senior officials and which contained allegations of reportable conduct.

It is not the only recent issue that Neil Moon has covered up in order to save his own reputation, which is rapidly declining among senior departmental officials due to his inability to resolve serious issues at the school.