Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bizarre practices by Anne Baskerville questioned by staff

A Carenne Special School whistleblower has turned to Carenne Gate to complain about the bizarre practices used by Anne Baskerville towards students. The whistleblower, who has made complaints to Neil Moon only to be ignored claims that the issues raise serious child protection issues and need investigation.

The whistleblower told Carenne Gate that Anne Baskerville regularly had a student from another class come into her class to go to the toilet. She claims that she observed Anne Baskerville take the student to the toilet and pour cold water on his penis to force him to urinate. When Baskerville was questioned about the staff member about the practice, Baskerville was reported to say "It's better than him pissing himself, at least he goes when we do that. Nobody else can get him to go."

The whistleblower claims to have told Neil Moon about the practice, only to be told that the whistleblower shouldn't be making something out of nothing.

The whistleblower is also concerned about the bizarre relationship between Anne Baskerville and a senior student. The whistleblower claims that Baskerville is overly close to the student and often kisses and cuddles her. She also alleges that Baskerville gets furious if anyone attempts to settle the student when she is upset because she is "her girl."

As with his predecessors, Neil Moon has shown he cares nothing for child protection issues within his school.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Officials keen to avoid opening of classroom upgrade

An email supplied to Carenne Gate by nedkelly shows that corrupt principal, Neil Moon is frustrated with the lack of support Carenne Special School has amongst high-level officials.

The email shows that Moon is having trouble in getting a high-profile official to open the classroom upgrade at the school. In the email, Moon claims that the education minister can't perform the official opening of the upgrade because of the forthcoming state election. Local Mayor Paul Toole and current MP Gerard Martin are also unavailable.

According to SEA Snitch, the problem is not the forthcoming election but the school itself. "What politician wants to go to Carenne and open an upgraded classroom and a library? Nobody wants to be associated with a school where a teacher was having sex with a student."

Nedkelly shared a similar view when she spoke to Carenne Gate. "I walk down the street and am attacked because I work at the pedophile school. People call me a c--- saying that I had to know because I work there. Nobody in their right mind is going to show support for the school,"

"The other problem is that you never know who will turn up to these things. It would be embarrassing for more to come out about the school at an event like this. If Moon had any sense he wouldn't have an official opening and just let things be, the staff don't need the stress of it," said nedkelly.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Access arrangements questioned

A number of Carenne Special School staff have contacted this blog and questioned the after hours access arrangements at the school.

Staff claim that corrupt teacher, Michael Auld is allowed access to the school 24 hours a day, virtually unchecked so he can carry out work to the school's computers. They claim this work isn't being done and that the school's computer system is the worst it has ever been.

"Auld is there every weekend and after 7PM most nights to fix the computers yet nothing works, what is he doing?" said Gretel.

Another staff member said that Michael Auld was the person who let contractors in after hours and questioned why. "Michael can do whatever he likes, he lets contractors in because Neil lives in Orange. Nobody checks what he does. You can drive past and see him loading things into his car. It's just a joke," said another Carenne whistleblower.

nedkelly told Carenne Gate that she had been at the school while Auld was rummaging through other people's things. She alleges that he does it all the time and that this is why he is always at the school. She also claims that Michael Auld was used to plant items on people to get them into trouble.

This is yet another example of the pathetic way in which Neil Moon runs a school.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Students used as "Slave labour": Gretel

Carenne Special School whistleblower Gretel has reported that students at the school have been used as laborers despite not being aware of safe manual handling procedures.

Gretel claims that students were used to assist Doug Rowe pack and move the library as Neil Moon said it would be less expensive than bringing in removalists. "What would of happened if one of these kids hurt themselves doing the job?", asked Gretel.

Gretel claims that the library move isn't the only thing students have been asked to do. "They were used to move furniture before and if they get hurt they are told to lie to their parents, it's just shocking" said Gretel.

Gretel said that students were being used as "slave labour" by the school and RDA. She claims that students are being used as farmhands at RDA because volunteers who used to work there have left in disgust.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Auld planning on setting Doug Rowe up

Following the revelation that corrupt principal Neil Moon employed the husband of Klan member Margaret Rowe as a General Assistant to move furniture, Klan insider "hatho" has told Carenne Gate that it was part of an elaborate plan devised by Michael Auld and Neil Moon.

According to hatho, Michael Auld has stolen a former employee's property which was left in the library that Doug Rowe was employed to move. She claims that Auld and Moon were planning on saying that Rowe stole the items when he moved the library.

"Michael stole things he wanted for himself and now they are being claimed is planning on saying that they went missing when Doug moved the library. He is going to say that they are things that Marg and Doug would be interested in," claimed hatho.

"Michael and Neil don't care who they shaft to save themselves," said the Klan member.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Carenne Support Director's own company in liquidation

Carenne Gate has learned that the man who admitted to assaulting and attempting to carjack a whistleblower and protester but was acquitted of charges, Geoff Salmon's own company Salmon and Speck Pty Ltd has been placed in external administration as it is insolvent.

Mr Salmon's company owes over $2,000,000 to the National Australia Bank and an amount of over over $1,000,000 to Kitvale Pty Ltd and Ashphalt Haulage Pty Ltd, despite its assets only being valued at a maximum of $500,000.

The company owes amounts in excess of $100,000 to Brayson Forest, GM Manegazzo and Co, Murphy's Produce, Secco Denis & Giuanni and West J Labour Hire.

Salmon himself claims he is owed $450,000 by the company with a further $117,000 claimed to be owed to Mr Salmon and his wife Gillian jointly.

As of November, Salmon's company has only paid $135,000 of its debts.

Questions have been asked on this blog about what Peter Keogh is suing Salmon and his business partner Peter Speck for in the Bathurst Local Court. Carenne Gate can reveal that after inspecting documents that he is suing for an amount in excess of $15,000 owed to him by Salmon and Speck.

If Mr Salmon is unable to run a company such as this profitably, how can the Bathurst community which are being asked to donate to Carenne Support have faith that Carenne Support will be properly ran?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Neil Moon keeps it in the family

The principal of the embattled Carenne Special School has been accused of further nepotism despite staunch criticism about it in the past. Carenne Gate has learned that Moon employed Doug Rowe, husband of teacher's aide Margaret Rowe as a General Assistant to help move furniture at the school.

Carenne Special School has a history of nepotism with Janelle Kemp being related to Laurie Clifford, Lyn Duncan employing her husband Steve Duncan, Anne Baskerville's partner Lee Graham being given work and Brian and Nathan Carter working at the school.

One of the Carenne whistleblowers told Carenne Gate that Neil Moon is too paranoid to employ other people. "Neil is more paranoid this year than ever, he will only employ people who will keep the secrets in the school," said the whistleblower.

It shows that despite the massive issues surrounding Carenne that Neil Moon continues with his stupidity.