Monday, December 20, 2010

Kemp caught neglecting own son, ability as a teacher bought into question

Janelle Kemp, a teacher who's lack of supervision over a junior student led to them being sexually assaulted has today been caught by a parent neglecting her own son. The parent has asked how someone who is unable to supervise her own child can be trusted to supervise special needs children.

At 11:00AM today, Janelle Kemp was observed at a coffee shop in Keppel St Bathurst while her disabled son was left in her van (AUB61K) parked over 100 metres away. According to the parent, Mrs Kemp was casually drinking coffee in the shop while her son was left in the vehicle unsupervised.

Janelle Kemp has come under scrutiny on this blog for receiving special transport assistance for her son when she works at the school, received a $6,200 walker for her son from corrupt school charity Carenne Support, claiming parents leaked information to this blog, being responsible for the attack of a whistleblower and being nominated for a $10,000 grant before other parents and students. Mrs Kemp has also been identified as being responsible for the sexual assault of a junior student as she failed to properly supervise them.

Mrs Kemp's actions today demonstrates that she neglects her own child, leaving little faith in her ability to properly supervise students. "How the hell can this woman supervise our children when she leaves her own son in a car unattended?" asked one Carenne parent.

Carenne Gate reminds its readers that leaving children unattended in a car is a crime and may result in a fine up to $22,000.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Neil Moon lies about presentation day

The principal of the disgraced Carenne Special School where child abuse and corruption is allowed to continue unhindered has once again been caught lying to the local media. Neil Moon was caught out lying to the Western Advocate last Thursday following the official opening of a building which has been used by the school for over a year.

Emails from parents flooded in after Neil Moon's interview on local radio station 2BS yesterday, where Mr Moon talked up the school and the presentation day from last Friday.

In his interview, Mr Moon claimed that over 350 people attended the presentation day and that there wasn't an empty seat in the centre. According to a number of parents, this is incorrect. "Neil Moon is nothing more than a bullshit spinner, you can't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. He constantly lies. How can a liar be trusted to look after 80-odd special needs children?," asked one parent.

Mr Moon also claimed that the day was a success despite major flaws in the event and the day being described by attendees as the worst ever presentation day. "I think it really is a reflection on Neil Moon, to run such a pathetic presentation day really shows how pathetic he is as a principal", said another parent.

During Mr Moon's interview, he also said he was grateful for having volunteers for the school's reading program and for its RDA program in an obvious display that he is unable to separate the organisation Michael Auld corruptly misappropriated funds from the school for.

Mr Moon's interview show he is a man who will lie to make himself look better, even though everybody can see straight through it.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Carenne Support now earning $150,000 a year, bank balance shrunk

In July, Carenne Gate asked why the Department of Education and Training was representing a contractor with $95,000 in the bank. Carenne Gate can now report that in just a year, Carenne Support's bank balance shrunk by around $23,000.

According to Carenne Support's financial documents for the year to 30 June 2010, Carenne Support's receipts rose by around $15,000 to $150,866. Despite this amount incoming, Carenne Support's expenses also rose by $35,000.

Carenne Support also spent far less on "plant and equipment" than in 2009.

Its bank balance for the financial year shrunk by $23,000 to $74,766, the lowest it has been for the past three financial years.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Assistant principal from hell won't be returning to Carenne: Moon

At the presentation day today it was announced that Lee Churches, the assistant principal who has been proven to post on this blog as carennetruth will not be returning to the school. Her achievements at the school were overstated according to staff.

The assistant principal, known to be the leader of the Carenne KLAN could not make a speech as she was overcome with emotion.

A number of parents claimed that it would be good for the school, with allegations that Churches harassed whistle blowers, assaulted students and harassed parents on this blog.

Carenne presentation day a farce

According to parents and staff, Carenne Special School's presentation day held at the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre was a complete farce, with key Carenne supporters missing from the event. Despite ordinarily attending presentation day, Peter Harvey and Carole McDiarmid were absent from the event. Key Carenne Support personnel were also missing from the event.

As expected, the principal of the school publicly named and shamed for lying to the media, Neil Moon spun how good the school was and how it was one of the few special schools being heavily invested in by the government. One parent said "It was supposed to be a celebration of the students not some spin session, with Neil Moon raving on like a lunatic about how great the staff and school are."

According to the Carenne Saviours, the event was poor compared to previous years. "Neil Moon really showed how utterly incompetent he is with it being the worst presentation day I have been to. It was a absolute joke," said Barracus.

"What made me laugh was half the organisations giving awards didn't even turn up to present them, how do we even know it was them that gave them out? Nobody showed, people don't want to be associated with the school," said nedkelly.

Another Carenne Saviour said "You could tell that it was organised by Louise Smith and Simone Russell, it was a joke, it was the worst presentation day ever."

One parent told Carenne Gate "I was sickened by the day today, it was completely degrading of the students, it was terrible. I couldn't believe the behaviour of some of the staff, they showed just how incompetent the school was."

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Neil Moon a man of spin says staff

A number of Carenne Special School staff have complained about what they call spin in today's Western Advocate about the official opening of the new block at the school. As previously reported, the grand opening was a flop with former Carenne supporter and state education minister Verity Firth snubbing the event.

In his interview with the Western Advocate, Mr Moon said "The upgrades have included the introduction of interactive white boards into each classroom and improved access to technology." Staff claim that this is false as every classroom had interactive whiteboards under Terry Mahony's principalship in 2006. "For Neil Moon to take credit for the vision of Terry Mahony is a joke," said Barracus.

"Neil Moon will never be the principal that Terry Mahony was. Terry Mahony was a leader, Neil Moon is just a 'yes man'", said another Saviour.

According to staff, interactive whiteboards from the demountables were removed and installed in the new building by Michael Auld and Doug Rowe. Staff reported to Julie Brown last year that the projectors were not mounted properly and were affected by skylights in the roof. Since then, a short-throw system has been installed in one classroom in the new building.

"Clearly Neil Moon is a liar, but that's what we have come to expect from him," said one Saviour.

The statement about the buildings replacing most of the demountables was also completely untrue according to Carenne staff. "The demountables are still there at the back of the school, used for classes and anyone who remembers when Terry Neal was principal will remember him claiming that it was exciting for the new building to be opened but the demountables were still a problem on the news."

Mr Moon's published spin just one day from the school presentation day show that he is a man of spin who will lie to make himself look better.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Verity Firth snubs Carenne

Those hoping to meet the education minister at Carenne Special School today were bitterly disappointed as it was discovered that claims made by Neil Moon and Michael Auld that Verity Firth would be a surprise guest at the opening were false.

The education minister, who was discovered to of misled parliament in May last year appears to of snubbed Carenne, most likely not wishing to be associated with the school prior to the election next March.

The Carenne Special School has been the subject of a number of serious allegations including the sexual assault of a student by a teacher, sexual assaults among students, corruption and bullying.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Student suspended for two days over rape

According to documents provided to Carenne Gate another incident of sexual assault between an older and younger student has occurred at Carenne. Evidenced by emails between Neil Moon and Peter Harvey, the incident is described as happening around three weeks ago when a senior student sexually assaulted a younger student at the school. According to the emails, the incident is being investigated by the Police and DOCS.

A similar incident occurred at the school in 2005 which was investigated by Police. A number of whistleblowers at the school have alleged that there are a number of students sexually assaulting other students but these have been covered-up due to who the perpetrators parents were.

This incident occurred due to the students' teachers not properly supervising them. While Neil Moon has vigourously defended Michael Auld, he has not done the same for Sandra Lynch, laying the blame squarely upon her.

According to the Carenne Saviours, the older student was suspended for just two days over the incident and since his return has been allowed to wander about the school grounds unsupervised.

Despite the school having a history of student sexual assaults and the recent finding by a court that a teacher was having sex with a student, Peter Harvey and Neil Moon still refuse to act.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Verity Firth to open new building at Carenne on Wednesday

The building which was opened to students at Carenne last year to criticism by a number of staff for being poorly planned, having skylights which interfered with data projectors and light in the room and leaks will be officially opened by Verity Firth on Wednesday.

It had been a closely guarded secret that Verity Firth would open the building, with most people being told that the building would be opened by Gerard Martin.

The Carenne Saviours contacted Carenne Gate this afternoon to report that Verity Firth would open the building at the maligned school.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Carenne teachers accessed porn

Amid controversy about NSW MPs accessing pornography and possibly child pornography from parliamentary computers, a number of Carenne Special School whistleblowers have made allegations that pornography has been accessed by staff at the school.

One Carenne Saviour told Carenne Gate that prior to Carenne's internet being filtered, staff and students accessed pornography from school computers. The saviour alleged that she was told by Michael Auld's then aide Melinda Gavin that he had a porn addiction and accessed it from school. According to Barracus, there was an incident for which Michael Auld ws reprimanded by Terry Mahony in 2006 when he started a computer and displayed pornography on a whiteboard attached to the computer.

According to whistleblowers, Louise Smith was also reported for accessing pornography as was Anne Baskerville.

"Diva" and savecarenne told Carenne Gate that they approached Terry Mahony in June of 2006 and reported Ros Luther encouraging students to access pornographic websites as it was a reliable source of 'sex education'.

Following the filtering of the internet at Carenne, teachers would bring in thumb drives containing pornography. The Saviours claim that assistant principal Terry Neal and Michael Auld would trade porn with male students. Some Saviours say that there is pornography on the hard drives of some school computers placed there by staff.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Claims of leaks being plugged fabricated

Continued claims by Carenne Special School principal Neil Moon and Bathurst Schools Director that leaks at Carenne have been plugged are a complete fabrication and are intended to mislead parents, staff and investigators about this blog and other information being leaked from the school.

Carenne Gate can reveal that despite claims that documents held at the school are secure, it continues to receive leaked documents on an almost daily basis.

Most recently, Carenne Gate received a copy of an email leaked to it by 'hatho' where Bev Masters advised Neil Moon that she was transferring to Bathurst High School. According to the Carenne Saviours, Michael Auld bandied a copy of the email around the school, handing it to a number of staff and saying "we got rid of her."

Other emails of a personal nature, legal communications and information about school finance has been accessed by Mr Auld and given to a number of staff.

Despite continued claims by Mr Harvey and Mr Moon that information at the school is secure, this is clearly false. Mr Harvey and Mr Moon have also misled parents and investigators by claiming that this blog contains no truth and its sole contributors are disgruntled ex-employees and parents.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Terry Neal tells student to "get fucked"

A concerned parent from Carenne Special School contacted Carenne Gate this week to report vulgar behaviour by assistant principal Terry Neal.

The parent told Carenne Gate that their son had returned home from school on Friday and told her that there was an altercation between Mr Neal and another student. During the altercation, the student told Mr Neal to "get fucked", to which Mr Neal replied "You can get fucked too."

According to the Carenne Saviours, this abuse towards students is typical of Mr Neal. One Saviour told Carenne Gate:
"That is nothing. I have heard Terry Neal call students the c word, make fun of them when they haven't been able to perform a task in the gym and even threaten them. The man doesn't have the patience to be a teacher."
Another Saviour told Carenne Gate that this type of abuse towards students started when Jock Roxborough was principal. She claims that Mr Roxborough would use vulgar language himself and was even known to tell staff to physically assault students.

This is yet another incident which demonstrates the incompetence of Peter Harvey and Neil Moon who continue to do nothing about staff conduct issues.