Friday, December 14, 2012

Impersonator alleges Police corruption

A person posting on this blog under various names including that of a Carenne Special School whistleblower milly and using the email address of former Carenne employee Stephen Donno from IP address  has made an allegation on this blog  about corrupt Police in Bathurst.

The imposter claims to have been told by Police who they believe is behind this blog. When Police are conducting an ongoing investigation into this blog and those providing it information providing information to a third-party amounts to corruption.

This same person has then admitted to providing illegally obtained Police information to the media.

It's not the first time Police have leaked information. A parent who used this blog to raise awareness about abuse at the school had his Police record leaked and school staff were told who the Police believe uploaded documents to this blog.

The imposter's claims show real problems with Bathurst Police.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Parent claims she was "set-up"

The Carenne Special School parent who is facing court on charges relating to the alleged abuse of her child has spoken exclusively to Carenne Gate about her ordeal, claiming that she has been "set-up" by Carenne staff.

The parent has spoken of the horror of being persecuted by school staff after criticising the school for providing support to the children of staff while leaving her family out in the cold.  "We approached the school and asked if there could be some sort of fundraiser for (name) because of the financial difficulties we had at the time," said the parent. She says that after she posted on this blog asking why Janelle Kemp and Melinda Gavin were given financial support her life changed forever.

She claims that within weeks her child became to show signs of illness and a rapid deterioration of her condition. She went to doctors and eventually her child was admitted to hospital. While in hospital, the child had tests which showed she had been poisoned. "I couldn't believe it, I just wanted to know who could do this to my baby," said the distressed parent.

The child started to recover until she returned to school. "Within a few days of returning to the school she was sick again, whatever was happening was happening at school," said the parent. After discussions with school staff about the issue she was visited by Detective Findlay who accused her of poisoning her child. "Within days she was placed into care, I was slapped with a restraining order and charged," said the parent as she fought back tears.

The parent claims she has been told by other parents of the rapid deterioration of their children when placed in the classroom of a particular teacher at the school. "As soon as kids get placed in her class they go down hill, what is she doing to them?" asked the parent.

Unfortunately due to the case still being in court we are unable to name those involved as it will form a key part of the mother's defence. It demonstrates that those who speak out about the significant issues at the school are not only victimised themselves but their children become attacked.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why Dick Spears lost the Oberon run

At the beginning of this year, Dick Spears lost his Oberon bus run to Carenne Support. With the 2012 school year coming to an end, Spears is attempting to shore up support with the Assisted School Travel Unit so he can be awarded the run for next year.

A whistleblower in the ASTU told Carenne Gate that Spears had been getting parents to complain about Carenne Support driver Lawrence and Travel Support Officer Gerri after he lost some $310 per day this year.

The ASTU whistleblower told Carenne Gate that Spears lost the run after serious allegations of a sexual nature were made against him. Despite evidence that the student in question had been sexually interfered with inquiries by JIRT were unable to establish whether the offender was Mr Spears or another person.As a result there is a cloud of suspicion over Mr Spears.

While Carenne Gate believes Spears should not be in a position where he is around children, he should not be given a run out of the urban area where there is less oversight of his behaviour.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Carenne Support places lives at risk

Carenne Support's complete lack of regard for student safety has never been more obvious than it was last week. Ever since Dave Graham and Geoff Salmon had the vehicles shipped to Victoria to have gearbox conversions both vehicles have had a series of never-ending problems resulting in Carenne Support having to use hire vehicles.

On Thursday an even more dangerous situation occurred when Carenne Support's Oberon bus's brakes failed whilst driving down Oberon Mount. Fortunately for the students on board the driver was able to control the vehicle even though the brakes had failed.

A spokesman for Clancy Motors told Carenne Gate that the issue was caused by two bolts attaching the brakes to the vehicle snapping. He said "the driver would have noticed the first bolt coming off, there would have been a noise from it hitting parts of the car, instead of checking he kept driving until the second one came off which caused the failure."

When asked what would have caused the problem, the spokesman said "Not being checked properly when the brake pads were replaced, we didn't do those - the brake pads used were cheap, not what we use."

It's time for Carenne Support to explain how this incident occurred.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Michael Auld's cloak of Omerta

According to a number of staff at the besieged Carenne Special School, Michael Auld is hiding behind his duties with the St Vincent de Paul Society to spend time with students out of hours.

 Michael Auld has come under notice several times for developing inappropriate relationships with students outside of school. Many of these relationships have involved gifts and other favours to the students involved. Auld has often lied to parents about what he is up to placing another cloud of suspicion over his head.

Auld has now found a new excuse for spending time with students out of school - his involvement in Tyne St Vincent de Paul Society. Preying on disadvantaged families, Auld advises them through the school that they can get assistance from the society. When they do, Auld uses this as an excuse to frequent the family's hpme to spend tine with the student.

Once this commences, Auld takes the student places on weekends and showers them in gifts. When questioned by departmental staff, Auld hides behind St Vincent de Paul claiming the activities are unrelated to his job as teacher.

Parents should be concerned about Auld's infatuation with their children and his need to lie about it.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Carenne Support, Peter Williams breach SNTS rules

The Department of Education and Communities needs to explain to other SNTS operators  how Carenne Support and Peter Williams are able to get away with not having suitable relief vehicles as required by the SNTS guidelines.

According to Carenne staff, both Carenne Support and Peter Williams run the most unreliable vehicles to the school. Carenne Support has routinely had to hire vehicles when its Oberon and Lithgow buses broke down. Both Ford buses used by Carenne Support have had a plethora of issues this year from failing transmissions to blown turbos to major electrical faults.

Peter Williams' Toyota has also had its share of problems, with Williams falling back on his old vehicle. According to nedkelly, Williams has sold his old bus and now has no relief vehicle.

The allowed beach of the rules is a slap in the face to contractors like Dick Spears, Cheryl Chaplin and Capebase who always have sufficient relief vehicles. When the department review its contracts for next year it should look at those who have not complied and offer them nothing.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

NSW Police censor comments about dirty cop

Once again you can't let the truth get in the way with the NSW Police. As you would have read on this blog by now dirty cop Scott Russell has been named NSW Police Officer of the Year (I wonder how much it cost to bribe the judges).

As always with Carenne Gate Blogger, Julie Brown sought to bring the truth about Scott to the masses. She posted on Facebook last night -
The posting was removed almost immediately after.

This morning, Julie made another posting on Facebook -
This posting has been removed and Julie is now banned from commenting on the NSW Police Facebook page.

Julie must have hit a raw nerve with them!

As at 12:10PM today all postings about Sergeant Scott Russell winning officer of the year on Facebook have been removed.