Thursday, July 26, 2012

Students catch Ryan, Molenkamp in the act

Sex education was taken to a whole new level at Carenne School last week when two senior students walked into a classroom during lunch and caught Adam Ryan having sex with Karina Molenkamp. The students reported the incident to Barracus, who said she was unable to report it to Neil Moon as he would not take it seriously.

Barracus instead contacted Peter Harvey, who dismissed the complaint as being "made-up" by the two students, despite them being able to describe in detail what they saw.

It is more inappropriate behaviour from Carenne staff who know they can get away with it due to the ignorance shown by senior departmental officers.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Travel Support Officer's party would make you Quiver

A concerned parent has contacted Carenne Gate alleging that the Travel Support Officer used by Cheryl Chaplin and Nathan Carter held a party where sex toys were sold and underage children were invited to. The parent claims that Railene Case held a sex party at her house for her 17 year-old daughter.

At the party, Quiver Parties hostess Kristy demonstrated some of the sex toys, with at least four underage children present. The youngest child was 14.

The parent says he reported the party to Neil Moon but it was ignored.

When someone who works with children has a sex party fir children you can be certain that they are completely unfit to work with children. Cheryl Chaplin and Nathan Carter should accept full responsibility for Case's behaviour and have her permanently banned from working. To fail to do so shows the duo have no spine.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

Department in damage control mode over TSO

In moves not seen since the sacking of Jenny O'Neill, Cheryl Chaplin sacked one of her Travel Support Officers, Railene Case on the last day of last term. The move, intended to stop any attempts by Railene to seek information from the department are more in line with what Carenne Support do.

Chaplin told Carenne principal Neil Moon that she was going to sack Case after she discovered she was friends with Julie Brown on Facebook. Moon told her she would look into it and contacted Chaplin to tell her that there was no reason why Case couldn't continue working.

Chaplin then sacked Case despite Neil Moon's advice. Chaplin's attempts to gave Case placed on the department's black list have been ignored.

The department is trying to figure out how to avoid any legal action bought about by Chaplin failing to follow Moon's advice.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Carenne rapist strikes again

The male student of Carenne Special School in Bathurst which raped a younger female student some time ago, leading to her being transferred to another school and being covered up has struck again according to Carenne whistleblower Chello.

Chello claims that she was told that the student had raped another student last week while undertaking a holiday program cleaning up parks around the Bathurst area and claims that Neil Moon contributed to the rape by not dealing with him raping a student some 18 months ago.

Chello said "I blame Neil Moon, he knew what (name removed) was like and he covered it up. He crucified the family of the poor girl that was raped last time. He could have done something then and prevented this."

Loonie Moon should face the parents of this latest victim and explain why he did nothing in the past.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Peter Williams caught out defrauding the department for over $18,000

Long-time Assisted School Travel contractor, Peter Williams has been caught out rorting the system to the tune of $190 per day by claiming that he travels more than double the kilometres his run can be done in.

Peter the Pretender has been unable to explain how his run, which the department has determined should take no more than 45 kilometres per day is taking him 100 kilometres to complete. He has also been claiming that he is traveling out of his way to collect his Travel Support Officer, June Crawford who is the mother of a student on the run and who should be picked up at the same time.

Williams' claims are nothing less than a blatant attempt to rip off the department and instead of being reprimanded and asked to pay back the money he should have his contract torn up and have the matter referred to the Police.  Just this year, the department has discovered that he has defrauded them for over $18,000. It's time that the department do something about this criminal ripping off the taxpayers of New South Wales.

Assisted School Travel claim forms being incorrectly signed at Carenne

Following the dismissal of travel support officer Railene Case by Cheryl Chaplin last Friday, the Assisted School Travel Unit has found serious problems with claim forms approved by Helen Windsor and Neil Moon at Carenne Special School.

The ASTU has discovered that forms are being signed in the morning, despite the requirement that they be signed after the last day of the payment period. Operators and travel support staff are able to defraud the system if a change happens part way through the day, allowing them to be paid extra than they are entitled to.

The issue was highlighted after Railene Case, who claimed to work last Friday morning and afternoon was dismissed. Her claim was for both the morning and afternoon runs even though she didn't work the afternoon - highlighting a serious problem with how payments are being managed at Carenne.

It's yet another screw up by the Loonie Moon.