Thursday, September 13, 2012

Useless organisation rewarded

It was reported in the bought and paid for media of Bathurst on Tuesday that Interchange Bathurst had been given $80,000 to fund ten new respite places despite other organisations with a proven track record being snubbed for the funding.

Staff from another respite organisation in Bathurst contacted Carenne Gate to complain about the funding being given to Interchange. They claim that Interchange had a history of financial mismanagement under Nola Ramsay, that one staff member had a sexual relationship with a client and that clients were placed at risk by dangerous drivers.

Interchange has long been known to employ inexperienced staff and to give them insufficient training. The level of supervision by management is also seriously lacking. According to the manager of another respite organisation many clients have left and gone elsewhere as the environment at Interchange is not safe.

The government shouldn't be supporting an organisation as useless and inept as Interchange.