Saturday, January 29, 2011

Education Minister's husband charged with drug possession

Verity Firth, the education minister who has neglected to do anything about the plethora of issues at the plagued Carenne Special School in Bathurst and who was caught lying to parliament has been dealt a blow with her husband Matthew Chesher being charged by Pyrmont Police for drug possession.

It is alleged that Chesher was found with one ecstasy tablet in his possession.

At the time of the offence, Mr Chesher was employed as Chief-of-Staff to Roads Minister David Borger. He has since resigned.

For more see the Sydney Morning Herald.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Michael Auld lies about holidays, ransacks classroom

Corrupt Carenne Special School teacher Michael Auld claimed that he was at the school most days over the holidays to fix the school's computers. A number of Carenne staff have today ontacted Carenne Gate to report that he lied about why he was at the school.

Carenne staff have alleged that Auld failed to fix most of the computer problems at school. "He was there almost every day but my computers are still not working, what was he doing?" asked one staff member.

Another staff member explained what Auld may have been doing, claiming that documents in her classroom had been rummaged through and some had disappeared. "It was like it had been ransacked" said the teacher.

Staff at the school today alleged that Auld was using the school's phones for RDA. Apparently he was thanking a number of people for their support for the Australia Day duck race.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Moon blamed Auld for poor records, missing property

According to education department whistleblower, Carenne Special School has a history of its property going missing and during a recent audit, principal Neil Moon laid the blame squarely at the feet of Michael Auld.

According to SEA Snitch, the school's annual audit found that a number of new items obtained by the school had not been entered into the school's asset register and had gone missing. "Nobody at Carenne knows where anything is according the auditor. He said that you can walk out the door with something and nobody would ever know it was there to begin with because there are no records," said the whistleblower.

"The department gave Carenne a number of new computers, none of which were entered into the asset register. Asset management should be able to look at the system and see where everything is at any given time but someone at Carenne couldn't be bothered to enter it."

SEA Snitch said that ordinarily, the school's principal and administration manager were responsible for ensuring assets were entered into the asset register, but Neil Moon claimed that he had delegated the task to Michael Auld.

"When the chips were down for Moon, he quite plainly said 'I told Michael to do that, I didn't know it wasn't done'."

According to SEA Snitch, a number of school items had been loaned to staff but there was never any proper record of who it was lent to.

Carenne staff have told Carenne Gate that Michael Auld was made responsible for ensuring electronics such as CD players, TVs, projectors and computers were recorded properly. They claim that most often he didn't do it and items curiously went missing.

"I don't know how many CD players that have been bought or donated for the one room because others have gone missing. Of course, Michael Auld who has been seen at the school of a night loading things into his car denies knowing anything."

One of the Carenne Saviours alleged that Michael Auld and Angie Cranston were responsible for thefts of staff items at the school, including a teacher's purse.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Parent complains of strange infatuation teacher has with student

A parent of a student at Carenne Special School has complained to Carenne Gate about the bizarre behaviour of Anne Baskerville towards their child. The parent alleges that Anne Baskerville called her home asking to speak to the student.

The parent told Baskerville that it was not appropriate to call at home and that she should lose the phone number.

"How did she get the number? My child isn't even in her class, this is very very wrong," said the parent.

"It's starting to look like Anna Blackburn all over again, according to my child she has been calling for quite some time."

A number of serious allegations have been made about Baskerville's behaviour towards students, all of which have been reported to EPAC and been ignored.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Carenne Support tender should be torn up: DET official

A high-level DET official has told Carenne Gate that the corrupt organisation at the centre of the Carenne Gate saga, Carenne Support should have its tender under the Assisted School Travel Program torn up for a number of reasons.

The official told Carenne Gate that one of the key aspects of the tender was being able to comply with the Department of Services Technology and Administration's Business Ethics Statement.

"It is critical for suppliers to the state government to be able to comply with the BES, one of the key aspects of this is declaring any conflicts of interest. The tender submitted by Carenne Support has a letter claiming that they use the funds from their bus service to fund therapy services at Carenne Public School but this isn't considered by them to be a conflict of interest," said the official.

Whistleblowers at Carenne School say that there was a large conflict of interest in the process as Terry Mahony, one of Carenne Support's directors was a principal of the school and knew details of other operator's runs including what they were paid. The whistleblowers also claim that David Graham, who was given the task of preparing the tender couldn't do it and it was instead done by Helen Windsor, Carenne School's administration manager.

According to the DET official, if Helen Windsor did complete the tender there would be a massive conflict of interest. "A DET employee putting in the tender for a contractor is a serious breach of the departmental code of conduct and the contractor or proposed contractor's tender should be thrown out."

The official also claims that Carenne Support's tender should be invalidated because Carenne Support has a history of unethical conduct. "This is an organisation directed by someone who leaks personal information on this blog, someone who attacks whistleblowers in the street, who stole vehicles from the local community and who has put in false pay claims."

The official told Carenne Gate that despite Carenne Support being ineligible to tender that he believed it would be offered a contract. "Organisations such as TRAILS and Carenne Support can do what they like because they are school-based charities. The department thinks because our people run them they are clean but most of the time they are not,"

The tender process is expected to run through the early part of 2011. Carenne Gate will keep in touch with the official and report on what happens.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why Simone Russell gets special treatment on worker's comp

From Inside Carenne

Over the years, Simone Russell has supposedly made many worker's comp claims for things which have nothing to do with her job. She tried to get workers comp when her step-son was being investigated by the police for trying to get on with a 14 year-old, when she had pneumonia and when Scott was under investigation.

Why is Simone allowed to get away with this?

Simone thinks it is a big joke that the corrupt SSO, Jeanette Crawford is a friend of hers as her daughter Chloe is friends with Simone's step-daughter and was in a sexual relationship with Jeremy when she was underaged. That's why she gets special treatment.