Saturday, December 19, 2009

Carenne Support acts after information released on Sydney Indymedia

One of the non-profit organisations at the heart of the Carenne Gate affair has been forced to act following the release of information on Sydney Indymedia.

On 2 October 2009, I mentioned in this article that Carenne Support's paid CEO (who was un-named in the original posting but it is Christine Porter) remained on the board of directors despite being remunerated for her work (something frowned upon in a non-profit organisation). On 11 November 2009 I named the current directors of the company, referring to a report from Dun & Bradstreet.

Following the release of this information, Carenne Support removed Mrs Porter as a director, effective 24 November 2009. They also removed former Carenne Special School principal Jock Roxborough on the same day despite the Carenne Saviours claiming that he resigned the position some time ago.

It would appear that Carenne Support knew they had done the wrong thing and only acted after they were exposed on Sydney Indymedia.

It is interesting when directors of Carenne Support, Carenne Special School staff and senior DET officers claim Indymedia is full of lies that Carenne Support acts on the information.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Special Needs Transport Contractors Caught Out

During independent investigations being carried out in Bathurst today, it has been discovered that two contractors under the NSW Department of Education and Training's Special Needs Transport Service have been caught breaching the guidelines.

The first is Carenne Support, which today used a teacher as a driver on the run. I am told by Carenne Support staff that Roslyn Luther is not approved as an SNTS driver and as such her driving the bus breaks the guidelines set down by the department.

The second is Capebase Pty Ltd which made a claim for a full run to Lithgow which it didn't make today. Under the SNTS operators are only paid while there is a department approved passenger aboard, this can include students or a department paid escort. Today, one of Capebase's buses made the trip back to Lithgow empty and return in the afternoon after it dropped the alternating driver/escort at his home in Bathurst. The bus returned to the house in the afternoon to pick up the driver/escort.

Under the SNTS there are to be no unauthorised diversions whilst the operator is being paid. The photograph in this article indicates that the bus was parked at Steven Minshull's house in Bathurst this morning, where it left with only the driver aboard.

Carenne Special School staff claim that Simone Russell, who approves payments under the SNTS approved payment to Capebase knowing that it has been breaching the guidelines. It is alleged that this morning, Mrs Russell asked the driver if the escort would be staying in Bathurst for the day and the driver indicated that he was dropping him off.

DET fails to act on issues, school forced to close

The Western Advocate in Bathurst is today running an article about the forthcoming closure of Newbridge Public School. The school will be placed in "review" from 2010 to 2012, at which time the department may dispose of it if it is not re-opened.

In the article, Wayne Moore, a parent has accused the NSW Department of Education and Training as being "secretive" and claims that the department knew of problems at the school and has failed to act, which has led to parents transferring 13 of the school's 16 to other schools.

Mr Moore said “It seems that the NSW Government, and specifically the Department of Education, are up to their old tricks - tell people that everything is OK and then double cross them just before the festive season”.

Newbridge Public School is located within the Orange School District in the department's Western region.

Victimisation against staff who speak out emerges in other Western Region Schools

Allegations that staff who speak out against the Department of Education and Training in the Western Region of NSW are victimised having done so have emerged following incidents at Kelso Public School, West Bathurst Public School and Dubbo College. They claim that those close to regional director Carole McDiarmid are responsible for the victimisation.

Staff at West Bathurst Public School were told they face possible disciplinary action if they speak out about a number of serious issues at that school.

At Dubbo College, the NSW Teacher's Federation claimed that there was a better chance of being listened to rather than being dismissed as a group of people who were complaining for the sake of complaining when the minister became involved than when they were dealing with senior DET officials. As with the Carenne Special School, those who speak out against the department at Dubbo College must remain anonymous to avoid retribution from senior DET officials.

It appears there are very serious problems with the Western Region DET.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Staff Development Day Swap Unfair Say Carenne Staff

Staff of the Carenne Special School in Bathurst have questioned whether or not a number of staff should be allowed to take Thursday and Friday this week off after a deal was struck between former principal Lynette Duncan and staff that should they attend a staff development session on a Sunday they would receive the two department official days off at the end of term.

Staff claim this arrangement is unfair because even those staff who did not attend the Sunday development day are still receiving two days off. They believe that staff who did not attend should be required to attend school on Thursday and Friday this week.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Second Bathurst Protest Interrupted

On Friday, the Carenne Gate truck was joined in Bathurst by a van, which circulated the city with messages about the Carenne Gate affair in an attempt to raise awareness of this important political issue. The van circulated to the soundtrack of Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall, which has become the theme song of the Carenne Gate affair.

After of photographs of the van were taken as it passed the Carenne Special School function in the William Street, the van was stopped by Police who told the driver not to break any road rules and there would be no issue after they received a call about the vehicle.

Shortly thereafter, the protest van was interrupted when it is alleged that there was an attempt to carjack the driver in William Street.

Staff Condemn Presentation Day Awards

A number of Carenne Special School staff have made further allegations about the school presentation day on Friday, calling it a "joke" and a "farce". Staff allege that the awards process for staff and volunteers was flawed and ignored the significant contribution of some while rewarding others. The allegations follow complaints regarding a speech by Carole McDiarmid and the husband of P&C Committee member Simone Russell winning second place in the P&C raffle.

Staff have complained that the daughter of Simone Russell was given a gift for assisting her mother in the preparation for presentation day, despite spending no more than one day at the school on it. Staff also complained about a trainee being given a volunteer award while others went un-noticed.

The Carenne Saviours claim that the awards were slanted towards supporters of what has become known as the Klan.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Carenne Gate truck unveiled in Bathurst

A truck bearing messages calling for an independent inquiry into the goings on at Carenne Special School was unveiled in Bathurst yesterday. The truck aims to increase awareness of the Carenne Gate affair and hold our political representatives for their actions.

Speaking at the launch, Julie Brown said "I appreciate the support we have received over this issue but there is much more to be done, there continues to be discrepancies and corruption at Carenne Special School and the wider Department of Education and Training".

"There are huge concerns about Carenne Special School involving a plethora of issues, yet our elected representatives and the education department continue to ignore them",

"People are tired of the cover-up".

The truck then circulated Bathurst, which it will continue to do until Monday when it heads for Orange. It will tour selected areas until mid-January.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Parents claim Carole McDiarmid "spun" at presentation day

Parents claim that the Carenne Special School was a DET star attraction today with Carole McDiarmid, Peter Harvey and Gerard Martin in attendance. Parents say that a speech by Carole McDiarmid attempting to rally support from Carenne parents and friends sounded like an attempted cover-up.

During her speech she spoke about the "infamous website" and claimed that "everything on it is just rot". She said that Carenne was a great school and needed everyone's support as it was going through a difficult time.

Parents also complained about the P&C raffle results, when Scott Russell won second place. Parents say that Simone Russell is on the P&C committee and her family should not have entered. They claim awards given to students were equally slanted towards family and close supporters.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Student dragged from bus by staff

I have received a number of reports about a nine year-old Carenne Special Student being physically dragged from a school bus yesterday. Staff allege that the student was roughly grabbed and dragged by two staff, one being teacher Nadine Dwyer and an aide (which there have been conflicting reports of just who it was). Staff claim that they were so rough that the student was screaming in pain.

The student was visibly distressed following the incident and was sent home it is believed. A number of other staff, parents and students witnessed this assault perpetrated by Carenne Special School staff and claim to have been upset by it.

I sent a email regarding this to Peter Harvey and the SMU yesterday in relation to this on behalf of the Carenne Saviours but received no reply.

Lee Churches and the racist "drunk aboriginal" comment

From comments on Sydney Indymedia

We have previously concluded from IP address comparison between emails sent from Lee Churches' private email address to Jake Rosenberg (a Carenne Special School staff member) and those sent from "Leanne Dreww" to Indymedia reporters that Lee Churches is carennetruth.

Re: Carennestrewth
On October 18th, 2009 carennetruth2 says:
A quick question, I think I know who you are - are you aboriginal?
On October 18th, 2009 Mungindiman says:
How kind of you to ask. Nice to know you. Are you Aboriginal too?
Re: Lee
On October 18th, 2009 carennetruth2 says:
Were you dismissed from the department around 2004? If I
remember rightly you had an alcohol problem and used to turn
up to work drunk.
Of course, I could be wrong. I might have the wrong person.
Re: Lee
On October 18th, 2009 savecarenne says:
This is disgusting. You make allegations that someone you
claim is gay is a child molestor and now you make a claim
that someone who is aboriginal is an alcoholic. This is

Staff claim that some staff encourage student bullying

A number of Carenne Special School staff have alleged that bullying between some students is rife and a number of staff look the other way when it happens. They also allege that some staff in particular actively encourage bullying between students.

These claim is not new, on November 14th 2009, 'savecarenne' posted the following on Sydney Indymedia:
Carenne's tactics against some students have reached an all-time low. They are now using other students to bully and harass a particular autistic student because his teacher and aides believe he is too difficult and hopefully he can be expelled from Carenne.

On Friday, I saw a student bullying another while Shepherd (Michael Auld), a bus worker and an aide watched on. When I told Shepherd I did not believe it was behaviour he should be
encouraging and he said it was "between the two students".
A parent confirmed that she was told by her son that Mr Auld encouraged the fight so that the students would get it out of their systems.

This is precisely how Alex Wildman and Jai Morcom died and should not be allowed in any school.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Carenne Special School newsletter full of "spin" say parents

A number of parents have contacted me over this week's Carenne Special School newsletter which they claim was more of a public relations and "spin" exercise than anything else.

In the newsletter, relieving principal Terry Neal claims that Carenne Support has purchased for Carenne Special School a wheelchair bus. Parents believe this is to hide the misappropriation of two buses in 2004/5.

The newsletter was also full of claims about how great the new classrooms were (on most of the class pages), despite the same staff claiming to parents that the classrooms had major issues.

Terry Neal on the front page mentioned that the classrooms will be "ideal" after some more fine tuning in relation to light and IT equipment. Staff have complained about skylights which create excessive light and let in too much heat. Staff also claim that Michael Auld didn't consider the skylights when he had the projectors installed.

Staff have also told me that there are issues with IT equipment after it wasn't installed correctly or important equipment mysteriously went missing while in the care of Mr Auld.

Parents win laptop challenge

The few parents which attended the meeting held at Carenne Special School where Michael Auld tried to push software which would be owned by the school on to parents instead of laptop computers like all other Australian high schools have had a victory it seems with this week's newletter indicating that all Year 9 students in 2010 will receive a netbook computer.

Initially parents were told that those who didn't agree to Mr Auld's proposal would be able to opt out and receive a netbook but this will now not be the case it seems and all students will receive a netbook computer. At the meeting Mr Auld and Simone Russell said that the software proposal was best for students.

It demonstrates how the dedication of a few can deliver positive change.

Paul Knight claims Jake Rosenberg is Brian Carter, makes threats, calls him a "rock spider"

The chairman of Carenne Support's board of directors, Paul Knight has responded angrily to information from "Jake Rosenberg" in relation to leaks from within his organisation.

In his first response, Mr Knight tells Rosenberg "if you are a real man lets catch up and sort things out man to man."

Rosenberg alleges that she responded asking if Mr Knight was threatening a woman. It is common knowledge that the alias Jake Rosenberg is used by a female Carenne Saviour.

Mr Knight's response indicated that he believed Jake Rosenberg was Brian Carter and that he had put up with "12 months of heartache for one reason, A bus driver lets call him Jake did the wrong thing and was sacked. If this driver lets call him Jake or Brian wasnt doing the wrong thing we wouldnt have all this shit going on would we".

Mr Knight then goes on to say that Jake Rosenberg, who it is clear at this point he believes to be Mr Carter will get what is coming to him and that he should "hide under the rock you spider" indicating he is calling Rosenberg a rock spider.

This further demonstrates the types of thugs and bullies the Carenne Saviours are dealing with every day and the character of people that Gerard Martin, Member for Bathurst is protecting.

Friday, December 4, 2009

"Carennetruth" supplies evidence intended to implicate relieving principal

Serial bully, Carennetruth (known to be Lee Churches), an assistant principal has provided me with an affidavit sworn by Terry Neal in October 2008 in relation to the Carenne sex affair. She claimed that Mr Neal committed perjury by claiming the student involved in the affair remained a student at Carenne until the end of the year, despite leaving on 29 September 2003.

Miss Churches overlooked a point in the affidavit where Mr Neal claimed that the student remained a student until the end of Term 3. The affidavit does prove that Lee Churches hijacked the school executive early in 2003.

The affidavit claims that Mr Neal was the assistant principal responsible for the teacher accused of an inappropriate relationship with a student, Anna Blackburn yet early in 2003, a behaviour contract was drawn up by Lee Churches and the school principal Jock Roxborough. Mr Neal was only involved in the process when it was amended on 14 March 2003.

The affidavit indicates that Miss Churches was aware of incidents involving the student and Miss Blackburn throughout the year but never reported them as child protection matters.

Why the assistant principal responsible was excluded from the process initially is alarming and indicates that Lee Churches knew something that Mr Neal did not. It indicates the power Miss Churches had over Mr Roxborough, which has continued under successive principals.

Despite the Carenne Special School executive knowing about inappropriate contact between the student and Miss Blackburn from as early as March and continuing until at least August, the department's Child Protection Investigation Directorate did not commence investigations until October.

The CPID commenced investigations after receiving an anonymous complaint about Miss Blackburn and not due to reports by the school executive.

This is a matter of public importance when student welfare and child protection issues are covered up by the school executive.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Carenne Special School continues to call the police on students

I have received reports that Carenne Special School are continuing to call the Police on students. Today, Simone Russell called the Police on a student who ran from the school to the park across the road because he would ignored directions from a teacher.

When the Police arrived, the student became more defiant and refused to follow their instructions.

It demonstrates that once again that terrorising special needs students with the Police doesn't work.

More evidence at Carenne Special School destroyed

It has been revealed that "communication books" containing admissions that Carenne Support had neglected to perform therapy on a student have gone missing. These communication books are sent to and from school every day conveying information between student's parents and teacher.

A member of staff at Carenne Special School says that she saw an entry into the book stating that no therapy had been done on this student this year and that the book was lost at school, despite them always being kept in the same place. She alleges that no other books went missing, only ones for this particular student.

The book refutes claims by Christine Porter to the body funding the student's therapy that therapy was being done by her Carenne Support therapy team.

Once more it appears Carenne Special School staff will destroy valuable evidence to hide the neglect and abuse at the school.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Carenne Special School staff accuse Peter Harvey and Peter Seligman of OHS breaches

The brave souls who are risking their careers by speaking out about the human rights abuses, corruption and bullying at Carenne Special School have made an allegation that Peter Harvey, Bathurst Schools Director and Peter Seligman, Human Resources have breached OHS principles by allowing the Klan to continue behaving the way it is.

They claim any complaints made to regional director Carole McDiarmid is simply referred back to Mr Harvey.

The saviours claim that both Mr Harvey and Mr Seligman have been well aware of serious bullying issues at the Carenne Special School and have done nothing but support those carrying out the bullying. The saviours have been made to feel as though they are worthless and that only the Klan are worth protecting in the school.

The saviours claim they and students are subjected to almost daily abuse from Lee Churches, Margaret Rowe and Michael Auld.