Friday, December 14, 2012

Impersonator alleges Police corruption

A person posting on this blog under various names including that of a Carenne Special School whistleblower milly and using the email address of former Carenne employee Stephen Donno from IP address  has made an allegation on this blog  about corrupt Police in Bathurst.

The imposter claims to have been told by Police who they believe is behind this blog. When Police are conducting an ongoing investigation into this blog and those providing it information providing information to a third-party amounts to corruption.

This same person has then admitted to providing illegally obtained Police information to the media.

It's not the first time Police have leaked information. A parent who used this blog to raise awareness about abuse at the school had his Police record leaked and school staff were told who the Police believe uploaded documents to this blog.

The imposter's claims show real problems with Bathurst Police.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Parent claims she was "set-up"

The Carenne Special School parent who is facing court on charges relating to the alleged abuse of her child has spoken exclusively to Carenne Gate about her ordeal, claiming that she has been "set-up" by Carenne staff.

The parent has spoken of the horror of being persecuted by school staff after criticising the school for providing support to the children of staff while leaving her family out in the cold.  "We approached the school and asked if there could be some sort of fundraiser for (name) because of the financial difficulties we had at the time," said the parent. She says that after she posted on this blog asking why Janelle Kemp and Melinda Gavin were given financial support her life changed forever.

She claims that within weeks her child became to show signs of illness and a rapid deterioration of her condition. She went to doctors and eventually her child was admitted to hospital. While in hospital, the child had tests which showed she had been poisoned. "I couldn't believe it, I just wanted to know who could do this to my baby," said the distressed parent.

The child started to recover until she returned to school. "Within a few days of returning to the school she was sick again, whatever was happening was happening at school," said the parent. After discussions with school staff about the issue she was visited by Detective Findlay who accused her of poisoning her child. "Within days she was placed into care, I was slapped with a restraining order and charged," said the parent as she fought back tears.

The parent claims she has been told by other parents of the rapid deterioration of their children when placed in the classroom of a particular teacher at the school. "As soon as kids get placed in her class they go down hill, what is she doing to them?" asked the parent.

Unfortunately due to the case still being in court we are unable to name those involved as it will form a key part of the mother's defence. It demonstrates that those who speak out about the significant issues at the school are not only victimised themselves but their children become attacked.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why Dick Spears lost the Oberon run

At the beginning of this year, Dick Spears lost his Oberon bus run to Carenne Support. With the 2012 school year coming to an end, Spears is attempting to shore up support with the Assisted School Travel Unit so he can be awarded the run for next year.

A whistleblower in the ASTU told Carenne Gate that Spears had been getting parents to complain about Carenne Support driver Lawrence and Travel Support Officer Gerri after he lost some $310 per day this year.

The ASTU whistleblower told Carenne Gate that Spears lost the run after serious allegations of a sexual nature were made against him. Despite evidence that the student in question had been sexually interfered with inquiries by JIRT were unable to establish whether the offender was Mr Spears or another person.As a result there is a cloud of suspicion over Mr Spears.

While Carenne Gate believes Spears should not be in a position where he is around children, he should not be given a run out of the urban area where there is less oversight of his behaviour.